Chinese Parents, Face and face events

Introduction to Face and face duels

As previously explained, face is a measure of your esteem or reputation in the community. Its starting value is 0, and unlike other talents that your baby/child has it can go negative as well as positive. The goal throughout the game is to try and raise this as high as possible.

From time to time there will be mandatory face duels, and later in the game the opportunity for you to mount your own face duels when you are ready. If you win a face duel you will gain face, if you lose you will lose face. Even though this is a face duel, your face skill value has no affect on the outcome of the duel. The duel is fought purely on the traits that you have learn since you were born.

The first mandatory face challenge is against a distant cousin who has 60 HP. If you lose this challenge, you lose 11 face.

Face timescale

42 turns remaining: Your opponent is a distant relative who hasn't been a parent for very long


Unrelated doodle area

Choice:  Mom puts you in front of a mirror. If you scream, you get charm +50 (or +25)

At the end of the turn there are 9 events. 3 random, and 6 that you have set. They seem to occur in a random order??

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