Runengetums guide to quests in Everquest

Here is by my guide to quests as I have discovered, by zone. Within each zone I list the quests starting there and the quests that are carried out at least in part in that zone even though they may start elsewhere. Quests that are incomplete are noted. These are ones that I am working on.

What I am trying to do differently from other web sites is to give the complete worked solution. This means that I provide all the dialogue from my log files, locations at which I found NPCs etc so that you can follow the quest exactly for yourself.

Abysmal Sea



Butcherblock Mountains

Castle Mistmoore

Dawnshroud Peaks

East Commonlands

East Freeport

Eastern Plains of Karana

Eastern Wastes

Echo Caverns

Emerald Jungle


Erudin Palace

Eruds Crossing


Firiona Vie

Fungus Grove

Gorge of King Xorbb

Great Divide

Greater Faydark

Gulf of Gunthak



Highpass Hold

Iceclad Ocean

Jaggedpine Forest

Kael Drakkel

Katta Castellum

Kerra Isle

Kithicor Woods

Lair of the Splitpaw

Misty Thicket

Mons Letalis

Natimbi, the Broken Shores

Netherbian Lair

North Felwithe

North Freeport

North Kaladim

North Qeynos

Northern Plains of Karana

Ocean of Tears

Qeynos Hills


Sanctus Seru

Scarlet Desert

Shadow Haven


Southern Desert of Ro

South Kaladim

Southern Felwithe

Southern Plains of Karana

South Qeynos

Steamfont Mountains

Stonebrunt Mountains

Surefall Glade

Temple of Solusek Ro

Tenebrous Mountains

The Warrens


Trakanon's Teeth


Wakening Lands

West Commonlands

West Freeport

Western Plains of Karana