Plane of Innovation guide

Setup to kill Manaetic Behemoth in the Factory

The enchanters role here is to prevent clockwork device's from reaching Manaetic Behemoth's room. What happens is that there are clockwork device's wandering around the corridors. A group with an enchanter will be put in the four corners of the corridor network surrounding the room with the initial aim of killing all clockwork devices, preventing any from entering the Manaetic Behemoth's room. After preventing any clockwork device's from entering the room for about 15 minutes, this will cause Manaetic Behemoth to spawn. At this point it becomes crucial to prevent any clockwork device's from entering the room as if they do they will explode for a large amount of damage (4k?). Now the job turns to a mez to prevent this while the rest of the group deals with Manaetic Behemoth.

Recommended spells for the job:
Dazzle (single target mez to level 55)
Fascination (AoE mez to level 55)
Howl of Tashan
Wind of Tashanian (AoE Tash)
Blanket of Forgetfulness (AoE Mem blur)
Arcane Rune
Forlorn Deeds (Slow)

Tactic is this. Pre-Manaetic Behemoth spawn it is standard combat mode. If your group cannot stop the clockwork device's for 15 minutes you probably shouldn't be attempting this anyway. When Manaetic Behemoth spawns, you will probably be left with a Druid or Ranger who can snare the mobs, do root as a backup and heal as necessary while the rest of your group goes to the main fight. Start by using Dazzle as this is sufficient to mez clockwork device's without being a large mana drain. Tash the mob to make it easier to land future spells, and slow them to minimise damage if mez breaks. After a time, you will probably be getting a pile of mezzed clockwork device's. At this time it is probably better to switch to Fascination which is an AoE mez, and maybe Wind of Tashanian (AoE tash) as the first clockworks that you tashed are probably having tash wear off by now. 3, maybe 4 stacked clockwork device's is the trigger point to go to AoE I'd say. Also, when you have this number stacked up I suggest that you start dropping Blanket of Forgetfulness on them so that if mez breaks, hopefully they won't all come rushing for you. Just remember that it is vital not to let mez break if you can at all help it. Use your watch to time it. Dazzle lasts 96 secs, Fascination for 36 secs. Cast sufficiently early that if you get a resist you can cast again before mez breaks. When the Manaetic Behemoth has been killed you still need to keep the clockwork device's under control until everyone is out of MBs room, then you can chain cast Blanket of Forgetfulness to save killing all the spiders. Just make sure that you don't catch the gnome in case it screws up the flagging.