Plane of Justice guide


There are 6 different trials that can be done in the Plane of Justice: Trial of Execution, Trial of Flame, Trial of Hanging, Trial of Lashing, Trial of Stoning and Trial of Torture.

Before you start a trial, you should really first find Mavuin in the basement. He is in the room behind Guardian Zephyst at the end of the hall. Hail him and say "What information".

Now do a trial and loot the mark from the boss mob at the end.

Once you leave the trial you need to hail the Tribunal who gave you the trial and say "I have come to plead the case for Mavuin"

Finally go back to Mavuin in the basement and hail him. This completes the event and gives you a flag for Plane of Valor and Plane of Storms.

If you complete all 6 trials, this gives access to the 7th Hammer. You must collect and retain all 6 marks to be granted access.

Do not get confused by the zone wide message "An unnatural silence falls around you. The justice of the Tribunal has been pronounced once again. The defendants have been found . . . lacking.". This has nothing to do with your trial and is an 'ambience' message that gets broadcast every 20 minutes.

Starting a Trial

Say "I am prepared" to each Tribunal, and they will give you a description of their trial.

To start a trial, say "I am ready to begin the Trial of <insert name>". The Tribunal will say "Then begin." and your group will immediately be ported to the room in which that trial starts.

If you lose a trial, as soon as everyone has exited it you may request to do that trial again. If you succeed, that trial is locked for 30 minutes from the moment that the last person exited before it can be requested again.

Finding out which events you have done

If you have completed any trial, you should have looted a mark whose name corresponds to the trial that you have completed. So, if you have done the trial of execution, you should have a mark of execution. To confirm that you have done a trial, or find out your status with Mavuin, find Seer Mal Nei`Shi at loc -40.90, -226.34, -156.25 in Plane of Knowledge. Sit beside the Seer and say 'Unlock memories' and repeat until you see: "You manage to recover some images from your childhood, but no recent events spark a memory." If her replies are the same after multiple 'unlock memories' and does not have the childhood quote, that is a clue to some flag(s) you are missing.

Now say, "guided meditation." Here are the possible replies and what they mean:

"The evidence of Mavuin is the only thing that can save him now."
- Preflagged for Mavuin, you should do a trial now

"Having endured the trials, the Tribunal has agreed to reconsider Mavuin's case."
- You have the preflag, completed the trial, and talked to the Tribunal, but have yet to go back and hail Mavuin

"Mavuin is grateful to you for taking his case before the Tribunal. The information provided to you, that Mithaniel Marr and Karana carry information you should seek, could be quite useful."
- You have saved Mavuin in one of the six Trials in Plane of Justice and are flagged for Plane of Valor and Plane of Storms

Claiming your AA point and charm upgrade

See Gram Dunnar in Plane of Knowledge at loc -341.83, -179.38, -156.07. Say to him "I will tell stories" to get your AA point and charm upgrade. If you have not got the charm to upgrade, just hail him and follow the dialogue in order to get your charm.

Trial of Execution

In this trial you get ported to a room with an Agent of the Tribunal and a prisoner in it. The Prisoner stands on a stage with the Agent of the Tribunal at the other end of the room facing him. As soon as you enter run along the edge of the room with the wall to your right to the corner such that the Agent of the Tribunal is on your left and the prisoner is on the stage to your right. Mobs will spawn in the centre of the room, and your main tank should stand in the centre of the room to attract their attention. You have 30 seconds to get to your places before the first spawns occur. The main casting mobs are the dark nemesis who cast only magic based spells so a good magic resist buff is essential; cold/fire/poison and disease buffs will be less important as they may only come into play if a named spawns.

What will happen is that 4 waves of 4 monsters will spawn. After each wave spawns, you have about a minute to rest up before the next wave comes. Each of the waves consists of fierce nemesis (fungal fiend model) and/or dark nemesis (stonegrabber model) in varying proportions. Occasionally there is a named mob. The dark nemesis are not mezzable and can only be partially slowed, but can be 'banished'. Dark nemesis also cast the spells <Tashania> (reduces Magic Resistance by 33, cured with remove poison); <Gravity Flux> (376 total AoE damage); <Discordant Mind> (528DD + Stun); <Allure> (Charm); <Suffocate> (70DD, 11/tick DoT, reduces STR and AGI by 38), <Invoke Fear> (Fear) and <Pillage Enchantment> (4 slot dispel). Sometimes there is also named mobs in the waves. You should kill in sequence the dark nemesis, the named and the fierce nemesis. Enchanters can use the AoE mez spell fascination to mez the fierce nemesis which should be easy if the main tank has caught the aggro of all the mobs as he should. Dark nemesis can be rooted until you are ready to deal with them. Because mobs need to be killed quickly, I would recommend only using DD spells and not DoTs. Named mobs include a Priest of doom (enrages, casts <Ice Strike>) and Herald of destruction (casts <Torbas' Poison Blast>, <Plague>, <Envenomed Bolt>, <Insidious Retrogression>)

Now, with each wave an executioner spawns by the Agent of the Tribunal and starts walking towards the prisoner. You should not attack him. When he reaches the prisoner there is the message "an executioner intones, 'Do you have any final words before your sentence is carried out?'" and will shortly after execute the prisoner. I have killed a mob 4 seconds after this message and still passed a trial. The failure message is "The prisoners cry is cut off as his body crumples to the ground. You have failed." However, if you kill a mob this resets the executioner and he starts his walk again. So, the object is to concentrate on one mob at a time and kill it as quickly as possible to reset the executioner. With each wave of mobs, this all happens faster than the previous wave. The question is, how long have you got before the executioner executes the prisoner? My worst timings that I have done to kill a mob and still completed the trial are first wave 32 secs; second wave 29 secs; third wave 26 secs and fourth wave 33 secs. However, I have to say that I have evidence that the times allowed may be variable and dependant on the average level of the group as I have seen the executioners message after 22 seconds once on the second wave yet another time I have got to 26 seconds elapsed and not seen the message. I think that if you have a named in a wave then you get a little extra time as well.

Within seconds of the last mob of the last wave being killed, the executioner will respawn as Prime Executioner Vathoch. He is level 65. He immediately casts an AoE spell <Armor Break> (reduces AC by 270, no cure) that will aggro all your pets, and will continue to do so periodically through the fight. As this will be a long fight, casting your DoTs on Prime Executioner Vathoch early on would be a good idea. Kill Prime Executioner Vathoch and each group member should loot a mark of execution. Prime Executioner Vathoch is a tough mob (hits for 720, rampages) and it is very important for the casters to pace themselves thorough the trail so that they have enough mana left for this final fight. I would suggest that you need to be half mana going into the final fight. Given that you can med between the fights, you should not be using up more than about one bubble of mana per wave of mobs.

Finally, say "return" to the Agent of the Tribunal to leave the trial. Note that if Prime Executioner Vathoch has spawned and is still alive, you will not be allowed to return although you may at any point up until then.

Trial of Flame
(based on others reports on the web)

In this trial you get ported to a room. Around every 30 seconds there is an AoE spell that affects the whole room. It cycles between "Searing Heat" (100 point Fire Debuff); "Fiery Death" (400DD + 1 slot dispel) and "Wave of Heat" (200DD/tick DoT). There are 4 waves of 4 mobs and a final boss to be completed. The mobs will be either fire elemental models (which are mezzable) or imp model. They have a small aggro radius and will head for the centre of the room. If one stays in the centre for 60 seconds, you fail the trial. So, the mobs need to be mezzed/rooted to prevent them from reaching the centre and then killed one at a time. Finally a boss will spawn that needs to be defeated to complete the trial. Loot the mark of Flame from his body.

Trial of Hanging
(based on others reports on the web - possibly the nastiest trial)

Report 1: You will be teleported into a small room with Benches and 3 hangmen. Each wave of mobs will contain 2 spirit's and 2 mobs. The spirits will have the air elemental model, and spawn 1 at a time back to back. 2 at most per wave. The spirits will begin to choke the prisoners, You will need to kill them before any of the prisoners die. Once you have killed the spirits you can work on the 2 mobs which have spawned. The razorfiends can be kind of mean as the have a very nasty stun and its best to root them away from the group/spirits until you are ready for them. They can cast a nasty stun. Razorbeasts are NOT mezzable; and air elementals are mezzable. You will need to go through 4 waves of this, The boss will spawn, However be warned. Any normal mobs left up once that 8th spirit dies, will STILL be there when the boss spawns. The boss, Gallows Master Teion hits for roughly Low 700's, rampages and casts a AE stun. Once you are able to spawn and kill him, loot your mark.

Report 2: You start in a room with 3 hangman platforms and 4 benches. Place your healer on TOP of the center platform - your melees just at the base of the stairs, and your enchanter in the center. Each wave consists of 2 normal mobs and 2 spirits. The spirits look like air elementals and they spawn 1 at a time back to back in pairs - 2 total per wave. The spirits always spawn at the base of the stairs, which set of stairs always varies. The spirits are the only NPC that can end this trial for when they spawn, the prisoners start to choke and die. Killing the spirits fast is absolutely essential so have everyone but your enchanter working on killing the spirits. Once the first spirit dies, you may have up to 15 seconds before the second one spawns. Meanwhile at the same time 2 normal mobs will spawn in the back of the room, one on either side of the center closest to the furthast back benches. Razorfiends are UNMEZZABLE and they SUCK. You must root them out of aggro range and once rooted, have your snarer break off from the spirit and quickly toss on a snare before going back on assist to your tank. The other type of normal mob is an elemental, NOT to be confused with the spirits. These are all mezzable and are all casters, as are the spirits, the razorfiends are NOT casters. If you have a serious DPS group - you can start in on one razorfiend between spirit spawns, but you must break off immediately and kill the second spirit once it spawns, then go back to the razor and clear as many as you can per wave. The reason the Razorfiends SUCK so much and also why you MUST snare and root them out of aggro range is that they proc the worlds longest stuns. They proc whirl till your hurl as well as a couple other stuns, and you will find yourself stuck in place getting beaten on for 5 to 15 seonds at a time totally helpless and also unable to contribute any DPS. The reason you have your enchanter in charge of rooting them, is that they cannot stun you if you have a rune up and enchanters with arcane rune have the best and most mana efficient means for dealing with them. SO keep your enchanter runed and keep rooting these bastards in the corners and snare them so when they break you have time to root them again before they make it to your tank or cleric and render them useless for 15 seconds or worse, kill them. Now I recommend you keep the mezzable elementals sleeping for the whole fight unless you are the most super DPS group in town, because the waves come fast and you must keep the razorfiend count down to a minimum. When the 8th spirit dies, at the end of the 4th wave, the boss will spawn... It doesn't matter how many normal mobs are still up and running around stunning you, he still spawns and must be killed. SO keep the elementals sleeping, try to clear all the razorfiends and be ready for the boss. Once he spawns, slow and kill him then clear the rest of the room. One more note that seriously helped us win this trial. The razorfiends are NOT immune to stun, even the level 4 cleric stun.. so We had our cleric mem 3 stuns - Tarnation, Sound of Might, and Stun - so when you do have time to kill one, the cleric would toss on all three stuns while your group beat him down, that way your tank isn't frozen for the whole battle and your DPS stays high.

Trial of Lashing (based on others reports on the web - Maybe next easiest after trial of execution)

Report 1: You will be teleported into a small room with 3 paths. On each wave, 4 mobs will spawn, About 40 seconds after the spawn, an untargetable "Scourge of Honor" Will spawn and hit for 208 max. Along with him 3 spirits spawn. You must kill the 3 spirits to despawn the scourge They are found down the 3 paths, then finish killing the normal mobs that have spawned to finish the first wave. You must do this until you complete 4 waves to spawn the boss. However, on the last wave. Kill the mobs BEFORE you kill the spirits. When the last spirit dies, the boss will spawn weather they are dead or not. All of the normal mobs Are mezzable, so if you need to, you can mez the normal mobs while you kill the boss. Lashman Azakal. Hits for 720's Casts a 200 point DD. Once you are able to kill him loot your mark and you may leave.

Report 2: Ok here's the down and dirty on the trial of lashing. Mind you, this trial is not for level 53's that want access to POS/POV that is what execution is for, but if you have put together an elite team for trials clearing, this strat guide is for you. First off you port into a rectangular room with 3 exits and some prisoners on the back wall. Position your team dead center against the wall with the prisoners with your tank at either side. Shortly after port in, 4 mobs will spawn ALL of which are mezzable. Have your enchanter mezz 3 of them while the rest of the group lays into one. About the time that the first mob dies, an Untargettable Whip bearing dark elf spawns and starts smacking the group for around 200 a swipe. Also at the time UP to 3 Perma Rooted spirits spawn in the center of the 3 side rooms. The Spirits only have like 1k hp... and killing the spirits makes the whipper go bye bye. Send your highest DPS person (ranger or monk) after the spirits while the rest of your group never faulters from clearing the 4 mobs. We never had the whipper around for more than 15 seconds as the spirits die in 2 to 3 shots from a good 65 ranger. The spawn time between waves is incredibly long and we never had trouble clearing all 4 mobs and all 3 spirits and still had up to 30 seconds of down time between waves. NOW the strat guide is WRONG about the 4th wave. For wave # 4 - start as usual. Mezz 3, kill one but this time do NOT start on another mob.... Keep them mezzed and wait the 5 seconds or so for the whipper to spawn and have your High DPS ranger or monk once again kill the spirits and trigger the boss. Lay into the boss and kill him THEN kill the remaining 3 mezzed mobs. As a 65 chanter I was able to mezz all the normal mobs with the level 49 dazzle spell and on the rare occasion I got a named, Sleep landed every time on the nameds. If you don't panic and follow my strat guide, this might very well be the easiest trial yet.

Trial of Stoning
(based on others reports on the web)

Report 1: You will be teleported into a small room. Once you begin, 2 Archers will spawn and start shooting arrows at you and the prisoners which spawn in the room as well.. They are untargetable. If the prisoners die, you loose. 4 waves of 4 mobs will run in through the side doors. The Spectre model mobs are mezzable, Razorfiends are snarable and rootable. The waves will not wait until the previous wave has died to spawn. After a short amount of time if you have not finished the First wave before this time is up, another wave will spawn. At the end the boss will spawn. Yurae Zahaleem. Hits for low 700's, Slowable and casts and AE dot with snare. Once you are able to kill him, Loot your mark and you may leave.

Report 2: This is a fun trial that is a lesson in pain and punishment. This trial starts in a large square room with 3 chained prisoners on the back wall and one center door and 2 side doors. The trial begins when 2 unkillable archers spawn and start lobbing arrows at you or the prisoners. It is wise to try to position yourself in front of the prisoners to prevent their deaths or you lose the trial. At the same time that the archers spawn, 4 mobs spawn in the side rooms and head for your group. The spectres are mezzable so put them to sleep, the razorfiends are snarable and rootable, so root and snare them away from the group. Anytime you see an earth elemental model made pet, those are nameds and they must be killed 1st. Naturally the tank shoudl focus on a razorfiend or a named mob 1st and work your way to the mezzed ones. This is not a timed trial so the mobs will keep spawning regardless of how slowly you kill. If you clear all 4 mobs before the next wave spawns, then the archers poof until the next wave. I highly recommend shrinking your cleric and have them hug that wall tightly to the far left or right behind the pillar to avoid the archers. Be careful as the cleric will get aggro now and then and will have to move from side to side while rangers snare and root or enchanters mezz. Otherwise this is a simple trial, deal with the archer damage, use aoe heals, kill the mobs as fast as possible, and then kill the named boss at the end. Also the boss has a ridiculously long snare dot that takes 2 casts of RGC to take off. Ignore the dot till after you win and cure it later.

Trial of Torture
(based on others reports on the web)

Report 1: You will be teleported into a room. Once your in, Head down the left path and follow it into the center room. 4 waves of 4 mobs will spawn, and run into the center room where you are now. Razorfiends are unmezzable, and the shades are mezzable. Once you complete a wave, an AE heal will go off. If the prisoners die, like all other trials, you will loose. Once you are able to clear all 4 waves the boss will spawn. if you need, on the fourth wave you can mez a mezzable and med up to be more prepared for the boss. Punisher Veshtaq Hits for low 700's and casts a small ae heal every 9 seconds with knock back which will interrupt spells. Punisher Veshtaq will also drop a Blessed Tailsman of Patience used for the Shamen 1.5 Epic.

Report 2: OK here's the down and dirty on THIS trial. This is NOT a timed trial which means that there is no pressure to kill them crazy fast like in execution however the down side is that the 4 waves of 4 mobs will just keep on coming if you take too long. Now at the start of this trial when you poof in, do not be on a steed or lizard because you have some running to do. Start running to the left and go around to the back and into the center room. Once in there, summon your pets and mounts and get ready for action. Place the healers and casters in the back of the room and the melees closest to the stairs. In this trial, 4 waves of 4 mobs spawn and head into the center room. The razorfiends are all casters and are all UNMEZZABLE, the Shades are non casters and are all mezzable. Because the razors are caster they sometimes take longer to wander into the room cuz they are buffing themselves or calling their mothers to pray for victory or whatever. You MUST resist the temptation to start killing the shades, have your enchanter mezz them and either wait for the razors or send your tank up to smack one and run back down. Kill the razors then start in on the shades. Never Ever kill all 4 mobs in the first round, killing too fast makes an extra mob spawn and who wants that? As an enchanter, I find a nice juicy shade to keep mezzed for the entire battle. Once you find your sacrificial mezz shade, then proceed with the trial by killing everything that moves.. Always mezz shades and kill razors first. These mobs have WAY more hit points than the execution mobs and they hit harder and faster too. NOW the wonderful trick and key to success for the trial of Torture is that once you clear wave 4 and as long as you have kept 1 mob mezzed, the boss doesn't spawn. Just keep your shade sleeping and your group can med up to full before triggering the boss which is a very good idea because this boss is hard. When you are good and ready, and have all medded back to full mana, Kill the last mezzed shade and the boss will spawn dead center of the room. This boss cannot be slowed or snared and he procs a 100HP aoe knockback every 9 seconds which makes Complete heal Impossible. As a caster you must WAIT for yourself to get stunned and cast immediately afterwards. Clerics need to mem their big fast heals and try to slip a heal in between AOE interrupts. Other than that, he's not that hard, expecially since you all are full mana going into it. So kill boss, Loot marks and run back to the port in and say "return" to get out. Oh one more thing, once this trial starts you cannot exit since it is not timed and you cannot fail without wiping out. So if someone dies, keep on trucking or have an evac ready.