Everquest Plane of Sky guide

Note: This guide is not my original work. It has however been updated by myself to represent a more complete guide on the subject. My motivation behind this is that numerous guides have been disappearing from the web as people leave Everquest and guild web sites that hosted guides are shut down. The basis for this guide was a cached page in Google (original site defunct). I make no attempt to describe loot or quests here, just how to get around and survive.


The plane of Sky is one is the home of the God Veeshan. It is probably one of the most complex Everquest zones in that all sorts of special rules seem to apply here. It can only be reached through a level 46 wizard gate spell (Alter Plane - Sky), using a Cloudy Stone of Veeshan as a reagent. You can buy a Cloudy Stone of Veeshan for 105PP from Scribe Zibby in Gukta, Sornita Eltern in Erudin or Channeler Keatrem in Plane of Knowledge.

The zone itself consists in 10 islands. The only way to travel from island to island is to use keys. You can buy keys from the key master on the first island to get to the quest hall, to Noble Dojorn Island and the second Island. The only way to get keys to the other islands is to kill mobs and loot the key components that you need to give to Sirran the Lunatic when he will spawn (he will spawn after you kill the boss mob of each island). One island is devoted to quests. The quests are all class specific and result in some nice items. When fighting in the zone, you will loot key components, quest items (some are droppable and some are no-drop) and some class specific items.

Things you should know before porting in the Plane of Sky

- All your buffs are stripped when you zone in the Plane of Sky, so do not bother buffing before porting up.

- If you don't already have keys to the islands, you cant leave a Plane of Sky raid and think you will be able to join it back. It is an involving raid because you need to be there at each point to loot the key components and to complete the key quests. If you are late, there is no way you can join the raid unless you either have the island keys already or are prepared to die and have your corpse summoned by a Necro.

- Only one Sirran can be up at one time. That means multi raids are almost impossible up there, unless closely coordinated.

- Timing is very important in the Plane of Sky : all the boss mobs are on a 80 minutes timer from when they spawn, which means if you do not kill them by that time, your raid is screwed because all boss mobs will spawn Sirran.

- Never duel in the Plane of Sky because the mobs do not like it and will attack you if you do so.

- Never kill mobs on an island when Sirran the Lunatic has been spawned on that island. He will kill you (hits for at least 2044) and will despawn shortly after killing someone which might mean the end of your raid if everyone has not handed in their key components to him.

- Never use "say" in the Plane of Sky, go in /ooc. This is because talking to Sirran the Lunatic (the quest key-giver) is a bad thing: he can which kill you, which despawn right away if you talk to him other than hailing him (and if he despawn before everyone has handed him the key components, your raid is done).

- The keys you need to port up from island to island are not no-rent but are no-drop. You should keep any keys that you get for future Plane of Sky raids to speed up the island hopping process.

- Do not use any AE on the first island. This is because the quest hall is right under it and using AE will aggro the quest hall monsters, which you do not want to happen.

- You cant gate or port out of the Plane of Sky. The only way to zone out is jumping off the island. You will zone back in East Freeport and fall in the ocean. Be careful where you jump so that you don't hit a chain or another island (don't run off). Once you hit the water, swim west to get to the docks.

- The zone is made for 24 players. You can obtain only 24 keys from killing the monsters on each island. If you want to bring more people, you will need to have a necro to summon the corpses of those who do not have a key or bring people that already have their keys.

- Levitation do not work in the Plane of Sky.

- Call of Hero do not work in the Plane of Sky.

1st island: Fairie Island

This is the starting island, where your journey in the Plane of Sky will begin. The island is non-aggro, but every monster will assist except the Key Master. The inhabitants of this island are eight (8) fairies (level 50) and a fairie princess (level 53). All regular fairies will drop 6 key components : 3 swords (for the key of swords) and 3 rabbit feet (for the key of misplaced). They will also drop some quest items and can drop class specific items. Each player shall loot one sword and one rabbit feet. After you have killed all the regular fairies, kill the fairie princess. Killing her will make Sirran the Lunatic spawn (this is why you have to kill her last). Sirran the Lunatic is the quest key-giver. Do not talk to Sirran other than hailing him. Hand Sirran the rabbit feet and the sword to get your keys. Use the Key of Sword to go to Noble Dojorn Island (second island) or the Key of Misplaced to go to the Azarack Island (third island).

Total mobs of Fairies Island: 9.

Noble Dojorn Island

On this island are Noble Dojorn (7 days spawn, level 63) and two Bladestorms (level 59). Nothing on the island is aggro, but the bladestorms will assist Dojorn. There is a way to pull the bladestorms away to kill Dojorn alone but it is tricky (via someone aggroing them and jumping down the island). You must have the key of misplaced from island one to leave this island. Behind Dojorn's windmill is a port to Azarack Island. Invisible up and use the Key of Misplaced to activate the portal. Killing Dojorn spawns the Overseer of Air on Island five. On this island, you will also find the "presence" for the monk epic quest.

Total mobs on Noble Dojorn Island: 3.

2nd Island: Azarack Island

On this island are nine (9) Azaracks. They are all aggro (means you need to invisible before porting on this island) and will assist each others. One of the Azaracks is the place holder for the Protector of Sky. Each Azaracks drop multiple key pieces (broken mirrors) and quest items. Once the Protector of Sky spawns he will despawn in 80 minutes. You must kill the Protector to spawn Sirran the Lunatic. Hand Sirran the key component (broken mirror) to get the key of misfortune for the next island.

Total mobs on Azaracks Island: 10.

3th Island: Gorgalosk Island

The monsters on this island are non-aggro but all will assist each others except the meteors. Most of them drop key pieces (anumal figurines) and quest items. Do not kill the meteors because they can push you down the island. Killing Gorgolosk spawns Sirran the Lunatic. Hand Sirran the key component (animal figurine) to receive keys for the Pegasus Island.

Total mobs on Gorgalosk Island: 26.

4th Island: Pegasus Island

One this island lives three (3) pegasus and three (3) griffons. They are non-aggro but will assist. Each Pegasus/Griffons will split into two (2) when killed, each split will respawn once (so each is five (5) mobs total). The original pre-split mobs drop key pieces. One Griffon and one Pegasus are the placeholder for the Collector of Souls (aggro, level 60, will death touch every 45 seconds). All splits and collectors despawn in 80 minutes, all splits, the collector and the Overseer are aggro. To spawn Sirran, kill the collector and turn in key component (bird whistle) for the Avian Key to the next island. On this island will spawn the Overseer of Air if you kill Noble Dojorn.

Total mobs on Pegasus Island: 32.

5th Island: Spiroc Island

You will find eleven (11) spirocs on this island: three (3) vanquishers, six (6) various (callers, revolters, expulsers), one (1) Guardian, one (1) Lord (level 63, death touch). They have a small aggro but do not see invisible. The spirocs are in groups of 3, one vaquisher and 2 others related (that means that each fight, you will have at least three mobs to fight at once). You need to kill the vanquisher first or the other mobs will respawn (at its home point, not where the fight is). Only vanquishers drop quest pieces (Noisemakers) . Until the triads are down the guardian will constantly respawn as well if you kill him (same for the Lord, who will respawn right away if there is a mob still up on the island). Killing the Lord spawns Sirran and allows you to get keys to Bzzazzt Island (key of the Swarm) by handing him the Noisemaker.

Total mobs on Spirok Island: 11.

6th Island: Bzzazzt Island

This island is one of the most difficult islands on the plane. You will need at least one level 59-60 enchanter to be able to win on this island. Before leaving the Spiroc Island, you need to invisible yourself. These monsters do not see invisible but have a huge aggro range. Invisible, use your key to get up then quickly run behind the gear near the portal off this rock. From behind there is three (3) Bzzazzts. The left Bzzazzt (from behind) splits like a pegasus (1/2/1). You will need an enchanter or two to keep the other bees busy while you are killing the first splits. All splits despawn in 80 minutes. The right Bzzazzt split 1/3. Leave the center bzzazzt for last (because it will spawn the boss mob and Sirrian). The center Bzzazzt when killed spawns another bzzazzt, then a bixie, then the bixie boss (lvl 63, death touch). Each of these is on a 80 minutes timer from when it spawns. Killing the final Bzzazzt spawns Sirran. Hand Sirran the key component (Dull Dragon Scale) and get the key for the next island (Key od Scale).

Total mobs on Bzzazzt Island: 13.

7th Island: Sister of the Spire Island

The monsters on this island are non-aggro except the boss mob (the Sister of Spire), they will all assist but the sphinxes. Kill everything for key components. Kill the Sister of the Spire to spawn Sirran and get keys for the last island by handing him the replica of the wurm queen.

Total mobs on Sister's Island: 31.

8th Island: Butterfly Island

On this island live the Eye of Veeshan and the Hand of Veeshan (who will be up only if you kill the Overseer).

Quest Island

This is where you need to go to complete your Plane of Sky quests. You can access this island by buying the appropriate key from the Key Master on the first island and to use the appropriate portal from this island. There is one NPC for each classes. You need to find the right NPC and talk to him. Talking to NPC will make some other NPCs spawn : those are the NPCs which you will get the items from. Hand the right NPC your quest components and you will be reward of your item. It looks like Plane of Sky quests can be multiquested.