West Commonlands

Killing Things

Dervish (Cutthroat, Thug):

Worse: Dervish Cutthroats

Kizdean Gix (Named NPC):

Worse: The Dead, Queen Cristanos Thex
Better: King Naythox Thex, Keepers of the Art, Eldritch Collective, Primordial Malice

Orc (Centurion, Legionnaire, Oracle, Pawn):

Worse: Death Fist Orcs
Better: Knights of Truth, Guardians of the Vale, Ashen Order, Commons Residents

Shadowed Man:

Worse: Shadowed Men
Better: Temple of Sol Ro


Guard Valon Orc Pawn Pick Quest:

Worse: Knights of Truth, Priests of Marr
Better: The Freeport Militia, Coalition of Tradefolk Underground