Naea Fobbins Broken Shore Shell Necklace Quest - Abysmal Sea

Completed quest

Find Naea Fobbins on the top deck of the ship at 315.85, -171.44, 98.56

You say, 'Hail, Naea Fobbins'

Naea Fobbins says 'Why hello there. Just arrived? My name is Naea Fobbins. My husband and I recently joined the Wayfarers Brotherhood. When we heard that they were sailing for lands unknown we just had to go. Truth be told, I do miss home though. I had quite a lucrative business in Rivervale making [necklaces].'

You say, 'what necklaces?'

Naea Fobbins says 'I made all kinds! Some were magical in nature and some just beautiful to look at. That reminds me. My husband recently brought some shells from the shores of Natimbi. They were quite wonderful and I was able to make a nice necklace from them. If you could bring me some shells from Natimbi, I can try to make you one as well. I have nothing else to do at the moment. Are you [interested]?'

You say, 'I am interested'

Naea Fobbins says 'Okay, great! I will need three Broken Shore shells, and one set of Reef Crustacean Glands to make a necklace for you. The glands are needed because they secrete a kind of sealant to protect the delicate shells. You should be able to find all the items in Natimbi. Hand them to me once you find them.'

Now go to Natimbi. Forage 3 Broken Shore Shells Broken Shore Shell. It took me about 2 hours game time to forage a single Broken Shore Shell. While you are doing this, kill Reef Crustaceans that can be found in the water. Occasionally they drop a Reef Crustacean Gland Reef Crustacean Gland which is the other item required to complete the quest. Once you have collected all 4 items, go back to Abysmal Sea and give Naea Fobbins the items for the following response:

Naea Fobbins says 'Oh, you have returned. And you brought all the items I asked for! As promised I will make you a necklace.' Naea begins to carefully thread the shells and adds the secretion from the gland. 'This should do nicely. Here you go! It was a pleasure making it for you. Take care!''

You gain experience!!

You get given a Broken Shore Shell Necklace Broken Shore Shell Necklace as a reward.