Sanfyrd Featherhead Scrap Metal Quest - Ak'Anon

Completed quest

Find Sanfyrd Featherhead at the bottom of a waterfall at 2017.75, -239.02, -192.16

You say, 'hail Sanfyrd Featherhead'

Sanfyrd Featherhead says 'Greetings! I am the operator of this scrapyard. If you have any scrap metal, I would be glad to purchase it from you in loads of four. The GemChoppers no longer allow me to accept blackbox fragments and micro servos.

Now go and kill rogue clockworks in Steamfont. These drop Scrap Metal Scrap Metal. Give Sanfyrd Featherhead 4 pieces of Scrap Metal for the following response:

Sanfyrd Featherhead says 'Grand!! We always need more scraps to melt down. Here you are, then.. Some coins for supporting Ak'Anon and a salvaged item from the scrapyard.

Your faction standing with GemChoppers got better
Your faction standing with MerchantsofAkAnon got better
Your faction standing with KingAkAnon got better
Your faction standing with DarkReflection got worse
You gain experience!!
You receive 2 silver from Sanfyrd Featherhead.

I also got a rusty broadsword as a reward.