Jon Otton Hunters Pike Quest - The Dawnshroud Peaks

Completed quest

Find Jon Otton in an encampment at -1069.57, -225.62, 88.63

You say, 'Hail, Jon Otton'

Jon Otton says 'Hello Runengetum. Don't mind us. We're just passing through. We decided to rest before we head on. My brother Wils may have something you're interested in. Ask him about [forest ravagers].'

Wils Otton says 'Quiet yourself little brother!'

Now speak to Wils Otton at -1099.53, -228.52, 91.59 (right by Jon Otton)

You say, 'what forest ravagers?'

Wils Otton says 'I can't believe Jon mentioned that to you. I'll deal with him myself. If you want to help us kill the forest ravagers then you must first find Carre Harger. Bring this note to him. He'll get you started.'

You get given a Note to Carre Note to Carre. Find Carre Harger in an encampment at 1502.36, 1181.46, 98.03

You say, 'Hail, Carre Harger'

No response. Give Carre Harger the Note to Carre for the following response:

Carre Harger says 'There's been four wolves that have been ravaging the forest. We need them killed. When you are done bring me back their pelts. I know one to be bloodthirsty, while the other is enraged. The other two I haven't even seen. But I can hear 'em. '

You gain experience!!

This causes a ravenous beast and an enraged beast to spawn. You will be KoS to these, but they spawn such that you can deal with one without aggroing the other. When the ravenous beast is killed a bloodthirsty wolf spawns in its place and when the enraged beast is killed a rabid beast spawns in its place. They all drop specific pelts that you need to collect. The ravenous beast drops A Ravenous Wolf's Pelt A Ravenous Wolf's Pelt; the bloodthirsty wolf drops A Bloodthirsty Wolf's Pelt A Bloodthirsty Wolf's Pelt; the enraged beast drops An Enraged Wolf's Pelt An Enraged Wolfs Pelt and the rabid beast drops A Rabid Wolf's Pelt A Rabid Wolf's Pelt. Give all 4 pelts to Carre Harger for the following response:

Carre Harger says 'I'm still in shock. I can't believe those pesky wolves are finally gone. Bring this note to Wils, he should have something for you.'

You gain experience!!

You get given a Note to Wils Note to Wils. Go back to Wils Otton at -1099.53, -228.52, 91.59 and give him the note for the following response:

Wils Otton says 'We've been hunting those wolves for a long time now. They killed many of my men. I'm glad to see that they are gone. Take this Hunter's Pike and get some good use out of it.'

You gain experience!!

You also get given a Hunters Pike Hunter's Pike. I'm lead to believe that there is a follow on quest given by giving the Hunters Pike to the Barbarian NPC in the Houses without roofs by the Cave and give it to him to start the Wolfslayer Quest. You will (apparently) get a 2 slot box to combine the Pike with a Centrestone (which allegedly drops off an age old rockhopper), but until I get a centrestone I'm not handing in my Pike to be cluttered with a 2 slot box.