Sedona Raines Fungus Covered Mushroom Quest - The Dawnshroud Peaks

Completed quest

Find Sedona Raines in an encampment at 1213.34, 594.03, 88.63.

You say, 'Hail, Sedona Raines'

Sedona Raines says 'Don't be bothered by that crazy gnome. He won't hurt you. He's just a little out of it today. I'm sure if he had some [mushrooms] it'd calm him down.'

You say, 'what mushrooms?'

Sedona Raines says 'Reiker and his brother are always looking for fungus covered shrooms. They love to mix it into their stew. I must admit, it is very tasty.'

Go and kill the Shrooms (of various descriptions) in Dawnshroud Peaks. Some drop Fungus Covered Mushrooms Fungus Covered Mushroom (do not confuse with other types of drop that look the same but have a different name). Find Reiker Rikes standing close to Sedona Raines at 1228.91, 583.57, 88.63.

You say, 'Hail, Reiker Rikes'

Reiker Rikes says 'I be Reiker Rikes! The fastest gnome in the woods!'

Give Reiker Rikes a Fungus Covered Mushroom for the following response:

Reiker Rikes grins. 'These should go nicely in my stew.'

You gain experience!!