Jheron Felkis Book Quest - East Freeport

Incomplete quest

Find Jheron Felkis on the second floor of xxx at 70.08, -470.58, -24.25

You say, 'hail Jheron Felkis'

Jheron Felkis says 'Ah, greetings, traveler! Settled into one of these rooms, have you? Well, this room is mine, so get out! Hey, wait! You aren't here to deliver a shipment of books to me, are you?

You say, 'what shipment of book?'

Jheron Felkis says 'Oh, I typically receive monthly shipments of books from Umvera Dekash. I hear he has recently been promoted to senior librarian in Erudin. What a vaulted position! I could only aspire. I'm not going to be binding books forever, you know!