Tohsan Hallard Orc Pawn Pick Quest - East Freeport

Completed quest

Find Tohsan Hallard in Hallard's Resales at -80.79, -454.01, -52.22

You say, 'hail Tohsan Hallard'

Tohsan Hallard says 'Greetings and welcome to Hallard's! You will find many aged weapons begging you to shine them up and make them great once more. We will gladly pay you top dollar for any rusty weapons you may have found littering the Commonlands. I have a [special offer] for those who have obtained orc pawn picks.

You say, 'what special offer?'

Tohsan Hallard says 'I will pay some silver pieces for every four orc pawn picks returned to me. I shall also throw in a ticket to the Highpass Hold lottery. It could be a winner!!

Go and collect four Orc Pawn Picks Orc Pawn Pick from the surrounding zones (East and West Freeport) and return them to Tohsan Hallard for the following response:

Tohsan Hallard says 'As I promised, some silver and of course, the Highpass lottery ticket. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the ticket was for last season's lottery. Ha Ha!! You now own a losing Highpass lottery ticket, lucky you! Ha!!

Your faction standing with Coalition of Tradefolk got better
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth got better
Your faction standing with MerchantsofQeynos got better
Your faction standing with Coalition of Tradefolk Underground got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 3 silver from Tohsan Hallard.

You also get given a Lottery Ticket Lottery Ticket. Go to Highkeep. If you ask Jail Clerk Maryl, Merchant Edina and others about the lottery, they respond:

You say, 'what highkeep lottery?'

Jail Clerk Maryl says 'The Highkeep Lottery is held every season. The Casino Treasurer, Lynn, handles all ticket sales and information. She can be found at the vault.

So, go and talk to Treasurer Lynn in the bank at -66.30, -371.79, -10.25

You say, 'hail Treasurer Lynn'

Treasurer Lynn says 'Greetings!! Welcome to Highkeep, home of the greatest casino in all of Norrath. Please visit our fine casino on the second floor.

You say, 'what highkeep lottery?'

Treasurer Lynn says 'Interested in the Highkeep lottery, are we? I am afraid it has been put on hold. We found last season's winner to be holding a counterfeit ticket. We now await [last season's winner] to step forward with the winning ticket - ticket number 16568. His prize is the key to the royal suite.

If you give her any old lottery ticket, you get the response:

Treasurer Lynn says 'I'm.. erm, not quite sure what to do with this, but.. thanks, I guess.

However, if you have the winning ticket you get the following response:

Treasurer Lynn says 'Congratulations!! You are the winner of last season's Highkeep lottery. Here is the key to the royal suite. You should find this room on the third floor.

You gain experience!!

You get given a key to the Highkeep Royal Suite Highkeep Royal Suite. If you go up to the third floor, you can find a room that can only be opened with the key. Inside is a skeleton called Tearon Bleanix at location -18.09, -298.72, 53.72.

You say, 'Hail, Tearon Bleanix'

Tearon Bleanix says 'Beware!!.. Beware, the Teir'Dal walk the halls of Highkeep!!

I cannot get him to say anything else.