Duke Norfin Courier Quest - Echo Caverns

Completed quest

Find Duke Norfin upstairs in a building in the secret merchants area of Echo Caverns (Shadowhaven Soulbinder entrance) at 1170.13, -306.63, -14.25

You say, 'Hail, Duke Norfin'

Duke Norfin says 'You have a lot of nerve wandering in here. We'll be watching you carefully. Try anything and it will be the last thing you ever try.'

I was on the default dubious faction, so then I used sneak to become indifferent:

You say, 'Hail, Duke Norfin'

Duke Norfin says 'Hello Runengetum, my guards seem to find you harmless enough, but I have yet to determine if you are trustworthy. We are always on the lookout for additional hands to assist in our work. Perhaps you are... sympathetic to our situation.'

You say, 'what situation?'

Duke Norfin says 'Those blasted Houses in Shadow Haven. They think they have the right to own all trade going through the Haven. Well it's about time they learn that trade will continue with or without their consent. I know a few people on the Trade Commission who understand the way things really work and they don't care who does the trading as long as they get their cut.'

You say, 'what work?'

Duke Norfin says 'Excellent! We like to keep changing who we use for deliveries. Keeps those dumb Defenders guessing and reduces the chances of goods not reaching their destination.'

You say, 'what destination?'

Duke Norfin says 'I have an important shipment coming from Katta Castellum that's late. The courier who was picking up the shipment should still be there. I'd like for you to go over there and see what the hold up is. Take this note and show it to Jarin Lorean so he knows you're on official business. Report back to me with news. Better yet, return with the shipment if you can.'

You get given a Note to Jarin Note to Jarin. Now head for Katta Castellum. Find Jarin Lorean at -198.66, -921.89, -259.25 in "Nectar of Unity Brewery Tavern" which is the building beside the bank.

You say, 'Hail, Jarin Lorean'

Jarin Lorean says 'Can't you see I'm, eh, busy here? Leave me be.'

I couldn't get him to respond to anything else that I said so give him the Note to Jarin for the following response:

Jarin Lorean glances nervously about, 'So you're here on 'official' business eh? Well, there's not much I can do right now. I have the goods but someone caught scent of what I've been doing and there are too many people watching me to leave right now. You can tell our mutual friend that he needs to wait for things to calm down or send someone else to bring back the goods.'

Your faction standing with Haven Smuggler Associates got better.
Your faction standing with Haven Smugglers got better.

Other web siites indicate that I should get a delivery to return to Duke Norfin. In running this quest a few times I have got my faction with Jarin Lorean to Amiable (Duke Norfin is still dubious) but I still have not got any note. Going back to Duke Norfin and passing on Jarin Loreans message gets no response.