Josper Kenshed Servant's Staff Quest - Erudin Palace

Completed quest

Find Josper Kenshed in the Crimson Hands at 918.46, 747.74, 51.72.

You say, 'hail Josper Kenshed'

Josper Kenshed says 'Come forward and speak. What is it you seek within these walls? Let it be the knowledge of wizardry, for that is what we are. Only a [servant of wizardry] should be within these walls.

You say, 'I am a servant of wizardry'

Josper Kenshed says 'A servant, you say? If you be a young apprentice, perhaps you might assist me? I could use you to [collect components]. If you believe yourself to be beyond such things, you may wish to assist me with a [special matter].

You say, 'I will collect components'

Josper Kenshed says 'Of course you may assist me!! We have much need of a certain item which can only be found in the frigid peaks of Everfrost. There you shall find creatures called ice goblins. Take this bag and fill it with ice goblin beads and be sure to combine them before you return them. Well, then... Off with you!! And be quick about it and I shall give you a fine wizard's weapon. None of this rust-covered garbage offered by our associates!

You get given and Empty Bag Empty Bag. Collect six Goblin Ice Necklaces Goblin Ice Necklace by hunting the Ice Goblins in Everfrost and combine them in the Empty Bag to create a Bag of Ice Necklaces Bag of Ice Necklaces. Give the Bag of Ice Necklaces to Josper Kenshed for the following response:

Josper Kenshed says 'Well done, my young apprentice. I call you apprentice for you are nothing but a spark to my fire. This is the final component for my greatest creation. AHA!! I call it - iced tea!! Never again shall I boil under the hot sun. As for you, take this. It should serve you well. Now go away. There is no iced tea for you.

Your faction standing with CrimsonHands got better.
Your faction standing with HighCouncilofErudin got better.
Your faction standing with Heretics got worse.
Your faction standing with HighGuardofErudin got better.
You gain experience!!
You receive 6 gold from Josper Kenshed.

You get rewarded with the Servant's Staff Servant's Staff.

You say, 'what special matter?'

Josper Kenshed says 'It seems my last apprentice was sent into Toxxulia to test a spell I call Ice Capade, well, everyone else calls it Column of Frost, how droll!! Anyway... he never returned. I fear he is nothing more than BONES, though I hope I'm wrong. Could you find good old Ilanic and ask him, [where is the scroll]?!! I do not wish it to fall into enemy hands. Return it and I shall let you keep the scroll. Oh yes, It is only half of a spell. I forgot to send him the full scroll. I imagine that is why he was not victorious.