Markus Jaevins Heretic Quest - Erudin Palace

Completed quest

Find Markus Jaevins in the Gate Callers at 739.58, 918.73, 84.72

You say, 'hail Markus Jaevins'

Markus Jaevins says 'Greetings, young one! It is always good to see a new face here in the Palace of Erudin, the perfect city-state, free from [crime].

You say, 'what crime?'

Markus Jaevins says 'Oh, yes. We here in Erudin have no crime. Actually, it is a very low crime rate. Most of those crimes are committed by the defective brains of [heretics] or inferior, non-Erudite races.

You say, 'what heretics?'

Markus Jaevins says 'The heretics are our sworn enemies. Their ancient origins are our own, however, they are the mad Erudites who chose the dark side of magic called necromancy. We, the magicians, caught one snooping in the palace just last week. He is now our [prisoner].

You say, 'what prisoner?'

Markus Jaevins says 'The infidel was memorizing our spells to take to the rest of the heretic scum. He will finally be [purged] today. Could you please go to the cells here in the palace and ask Jail Master Lius to give you the heretic's remains?

Go into the Basement of the Erudin City office to find Warden Lius at 556.59, 856.30, -30.25

Warden Lius says 'I am afraid the heretic prisoner has escaped. There was a skirmish on the palace grounds so I went to assist. When I returned to my post he was gone! I don't know how... he was locked away in the first cell, across from that no-good, thieving gnome, and it is impossible to break the lock with or without magic. We will find him soon. Tell Guildmaster Markus he has escaped.

Find Shondo Billin in a cell in the jail at 606.68, 827.36, -28.30 and hail him:

You say, 'hail Shondo Billin'

Shondo Billin says 'Oh, Brell!! Help me get out of here. I did nothing wrong!! I did not know you could not take that [tonic] out of the city.

You say, 'what Eruds Tonic?'

Shondo Billin says 'Oh, why did I have to try and help that Erudite in Qeynos? He was sick and vomiting and needed something called Erud's Tonic!! Now just because I wanted to help, I am going to be vomiting up my insides!! Oh, Brell!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!

You say, 'where is the heretic?'

Shondo Billin says 'Why are you asking me about the heretic?! I am going to die! DO YOU HEAR ME?!! Oh, I need a drink. Please... honor a dying man's last request, a bottle of Vasty Deep Ale. If you get me that, I will tell you what I know of the heretic.

Geoard BlueHawk in Bluehawks in Erudin at -1176.30, -331.07, 51.73 sells Vasty Deep Ale Vasty Deep Ale. Buy a bottle and give it to Shondo Billin for the following response:

Shondo Billin says 'Gulp.. Gulp.. Aaahhh!!! That hits the spot. All I can tell you is that the heretic's name was E'lial B'rook. He mumbled something about a rendezvous and he would be floating down a river, smooth sailing back to something called Paineel. That's all I know.

Your faction standing with GemChoppers got better.
Your faction standing with MerchantsofAkAnon got better.
Your faction standing with KingAkAnon got better.
Your faction standing with DarkReflection got worse.
You gain experience!!

Go back to Markus Jaevins and tell him the news:

You say, 'the heretic has escaped'

Markus Jaevins says 'Escaped!! This is not good. The sentinels will not find him in time. You must find him. When you find him, release his soul and rid his body of evil any way you can. Bring me proof and all will be well.

Now go out into Toxxulia Forest and kill Elial Brook. He can be found by the jetty with his pet at 165.89, 1157.90, -52.24. He will drop some bones Bones (not Bone Chips). Bring these back and give them to Markus Jaevins for the following response:

Markus Jaevins says 'This is fine work, young one. You keep this up and you shall be knighted before long.

Your faction standing with GateCallers got better.
Your faction standing with HighGuardofErudin got better.
Your faction standing with HighCouncilofErudin got better.
Your faction standing with Heretics got worse.
You gain experience!!
You receive 3 copper from Markus Jaevins.