Dleria Mausrel Zombie Skin Quest - Erudin

Completed quest

Find Dleria Mausrel upstairs in the Deepwater Knights at -1062.02, -416.62, 67.72

You say, 'hail Dleria Mausrel'

Dleria Mausrel says 'Hail! You appear to be a [new priest]. <smiles> Ah,I so enjoy the presence of youth within Deepwater Temple. I am sure Prexus is smiling upon us as we speak.

You say, 'I am a new priest'

Dleria Mausrel says 'As I suspected. I shall assist you with your training and you shall assist the temple with your service. A young priest can help out by asking to [convert fishermen in Qeynos] or maybe even something truly great such as requesting to [protect the depths].

You say, 'I will protect the depths'

Dleria Mausrel says 'We have heard of zombies inhabiting the depths of Erud's Crossing. Go and seek them out. Destroy them. This evil should not exist within the realm of the Ocean Lord. Take this bag. Fill it with their rotting flesh, combine it and return it to me. May Prexus guide you.

Take the bag Empty Bag that you are given and fill it with 4 zombie skins Zombie Skin in the seperate slots. You can find Zombies if you go to Eruds Crossing (going via Qeynos) and get off on the island. There is a shipwreck which you will see if you stand on the beach at location -1237.70, 1937.16, -15.49. On diving underwater, you will find Zombie Sailors who will drop Zombie skins. Hit the combine button to create a bag of Zombie Flesh Bag of Zombie Flesh. Give the bag of Zombie Flesh bag to Dleria Mausre for the following response:

Dleria Mausrel says 'Peeuww!! That most certainly is zombie flesh!! Here is your reward. You have done a fine service in the name of Prexus. Soon you shall advance and we may tell you of greater dangers lurking in the depths.

Your faction standing with DeepwaterKnights got better
Your faction standing with HighCouncilofErudin got better
Your faction standing with Heretics got worse
You gain experience!!
You receive 6 silver from Dleria Mausrel.
You receive 1 gold from Dleria Mausrel.

I also got the spell Lull as a reward.