Nolusia Finharn Vasty Deep Quest - Erudin

Incomplete quest

Find Nolusia Finharn on the steps of Vasty Deep Inn at -1100.19, -104.62, 67.72

You say, 'hail Nolusia Finharn'

Nolusia Finharn says 'Good evening. Are not the stars beautiful? Somewhere out there, I imagine there is another world and another person staring right back at me. If you have business with me, please save it for the morning in the palace.

You say, 'what business?'

Nolusia Finharn says 'Flynn had talked Moodoro into delivering the waters to him in Qeynos. Eventually Moodoro was caught. He was sentenced to death, but a few spells from yours truly helped him escape death by replacing him with a doppleganger.

You say, 'what doppleganger?'

Nolusia Finharn says 'The doppleganger's innards were pulled out its esophagus and Moodoro went to Qeynos to start a new life. Unfortunately, he found Flynn there also. Now they have started up again somehow! My guildmaster is aware of this and fears what the High Council will do to our guild when they find this out. Will you [help] me?

You say, 'what Flynn?'

Nolusia Finharn says 'Flynn Merrington talked my brother into stealing waters from the [Vasty Deep] and selling them to any buyers they could find. The waters from the Vasty Deep are sacred. That is why they started their [business].

You say, 'what vasty deep?'

Nolusia Finharn says 'The Vasty Deep waters are said to be magical. Of course this is rumor, but it does not stop magic users from all over Norrath from trying to obtain some of the waters.

You say, 'who is moodoro?'

Nolusia Finharn says 'Moodoro Finharn is my brother. He was a good boy up until he met that accursed halfling named [Flynn] Merrington.

Back in North Qeynos, at Crows Inn, the following conversation can somethimes be heard:

Moodoro Finharn says '<urp>.. I don't feel so well.

Flynn Merrington says 'HA! You Erudites never could handle your liquor. Go feed the fish.

Moodoro Finharn says 'Ooooh.. Bllaughhh.. Ooh.. I need some tonic.