Senina Jolik Flourite Stone Earring Quest - Erudin

Completed quest

Find Senina Jolik standing outside Erudin Supplies at -977.69, -170.63, 51.72

You say, 'Hail, Senina Jolik'

Senina Jolik Senina looks into your eyes; a worried look comes over her beautiful face. 'Hello, stranger, welcome to Erudin. I would invite you to browse my store, but alas my latest supply shipment has not come in. I am very worried. Perhaps if you have the time, you could [ assist] me with this predicament?'

You say, 'I will assist you'

Senina Jolik says ''You would really help me, a complete stranger? You are kind. If you could help me I would certainly reward your noble efforts! But I am getting ahead of myself. A shipment of very valuable supplies was supposed to be here a week ago. However, they have not arrived and I fear the worst. If you can, please go to the Port Authority here in Erudin and talk to Jordin Sretin. He handles the paperwork for all ships coming and leaving the city. I must wait here for my father to return. He went to Qeynos to check if they have seen the ship. Please ask him if he has seen the ship, The Light's Glory.''

Now go to the docks and find Jordin Sretin inside the Erudin Port Authority building at 245.18, 12.09, 19.75

You say, 'Hail, Jordin Sretin'

Jordin Sretin says ''Welcome to the Port of Erudin. What can I help you with today?''

You say, 'have you seen The Light's Glory?'

Jordin Sretin shuffles through some paperwork that is strewn messily before him. 'The Light's Glory, let's see. Yes it is a merchant ship headed from Freeport to Erudin. Yes it should have been here a week ago. Seems we have had a couple ships disappear as of late. Rumors tell of increased pirate activity. Seems none of the local guards wants to get involved in investigating this. Any assistance you could provide would be most appreciated. I suggest that you travel to Erud's Crossing and talk to a Kerran named Nifta. He lives near the dock on the isle and has a great wealth of knowledge of the sea and ships that pass through the crossing. Ask him if he has seen The Light's Glory.'

Now get the ship from the docks and go to Erud's Crossing where you will find Nifta in one of the buildings near the dock at -1591.37, 959.83, 33.67

You say, 'Hail, Nifta'

No response from Nifta.

You say, 'have you seen The Light's Glory?'

Nifta says ''The Light's Glory? Yes I know of that ship. I have seen it many times. Many ships come through here on their way to Erudin. I hear many stories, many tales of the ocean. [Bad news] is all I have for you this day however.''

You say, 'what bad news?'

Nifta says ''Your ship left our dock almost a week ago. I watched the ocean that night, as I do every night. Your ship was attacked as it left the dock. There was a big battle. I saw many Erudites thrown overboard. The ship was captured and taken away with the pirate vessel. What became of your ship, I do not know. You could perhaps swim out and take a look for any clues.''

Well, offshore I found and killed some undead troll sailors who were light blue to me at level 51. This is the clue to go to The Gulf of Gunthak where the beach there is full of undead sailors. Kill the various undead on the beach in The Gulf of Gunthak until you manage to get A crate of supplies A Crate of Supplies. I found a crate on a pestilent troll zombie and on an emaciated zombie, but it probably drops from any of the undead. Go back to Erudin and give the Crate of Supplies to Senina Jolik for the following response:

Senina Jolik hugs you. 'I cannot believe you did it. My father and I thank you for helping to find our missing goods. They are a bit wet but I think they are mostly salvageable. My father gave this to me long ago, but I want you to have it for your bravery. Stop by anytime and say hi!'

You gain experience!!

You get given a Flourite Stone Earring Flourite Stone Earring.