Tiam Khonsir Kobold Molar Quest - Erudin

Completed quest

Find Tiam Khonsir at the back of the Deepwater Knights at -1122.89, -419.18, 51.72

You say, 'Hail, Tiam Khonsir'

Tiam Khonsir says 'Greetings, Runengetum . Are you a follower of our order, the Deepwater Knights, servants of the Ocean Lord, Prexus?

You say, 'yes I am'

Tiam Khonsir says 'That is good, Runengetum . Our followers are few but our faith is strong. With the efforts of those few, our destiny may be reached in time. We must walk with perseverence and devotion, much like the tides that, over time, can destroy a mighty stone cliff. Have you [come to serve our Lord], Runengetum ?

You say, 'I have come to serve our lord'

Tiam Khonsir says 'Then I shall send you on a quest to prove your devotion. No doubt you have seen the vermin kobolds scuttling about the land as fleas upon a mangy dog. The kobolds have a lair on our continent from which they launch their wantonly destructive raids. You are to enter that lair and destroy as many of these dogs as you can. For each molar you bring me, you will receive praise, admiration, and perhaps some coin.

Now go to The Warrens and kill Kobolds. Any type appear to potentially drop Kobold Molars Kobold Molar. Collect Molars and bring them back to Tiam Khonsir. For giving him a Kobold Molar you get the following response:

Tiam Khonsir says 'Wonderful work, friend Runengetum . One less land dwelling, flea ridden, primitive for our wondrous lord to sweep aside when the apocalypse is upon us. Here is your reward. Perhaps if you gather enough molars, we can offer you a [quest of greater importance].

Your faction standing with DeepwaterKnights got better.
Your faction standing with HighCouncilofErudin got better.
Your faction standing with Heretics got worse.
You gain experience!!
You receive 25 copper from Tiam Khonsir.
You receive 1 silver from Tiam Khonsir.