Weligon Steelherder Pearls of Opus Quest - Erudin

Completed quest


Find Weligon Steelherder in the back room on the ground floor of the Deepwater Knights at -1040.07, -390.45, 51.72

You say, 'hail Weligon Steelherder'

Weligon Steelherder says 'Hail, Runengetum ! This is the Deepwater Temple. Here you shall find the wisdom and courage of Prexus, the Ocean Lord. I am glad to see you have an interest. Forgive me if I cut our conversation short, but I have many [Deepwater tasks] to complete.

You say, 'what deepwater tasks?'

Weligon Steelherder says 'We here at the Deepwater Temple must tend to the [Peacekeeper battlestaff] and the [Deepwater harpoon] as well as other duties such as [ocean protection]. There is always something we must do.

You say, 'what peacekeeper battlestaff?'

Weligon Steelherder says 'Every sentinel in Erudin carries a High Guard battlestaff. The creation of these weapons is the duty of the Deepwater Temple and the Temple of Divine Light. Our portion of the task is to send young members to [collect the Pearls of Odus]. These are imbedded into the staff and used to store mystical power.

You say, 'I will collect the pearls of odus'

Weligon Steelherder says 'Then venture to the harbor of Erudin. There, you shall dive into the shark-infested water and search for the Pearls of Odus. They lie upon the grounds of our waters. Fill the bag I have given you, combine it, and return it to me. Good luck.

You get given a 4 slot bag Empty Bag in which to collect the Pearls of Opus Pearl of Opus. Go into the harbour at Erudin and swim to your right. You will find some Sand Sharks, under which on the sea bed you will find Pearls of Odus. These are at locations -214.64, -476.97, -28.25 and -276.55, -461.05, -28.25. Collect 4 Pearls of Odus and combine then in the bag to produce a Full Bag of Pearls Full Bag of Pearls. Bring this bag back to Weligon Steelherder and give it to him for the following response:

Weligon Steelherder says 'Fine work, Deepwater Knight. You have proven yourself an excellent addition to our ranks. These shall be used to create more Peacekeeper staffs. Oh yes, I almost forgot your reward. Here you are. Now, go, and serve Prexus.

Your faction standing with DeepwaterKnights got better
Your faction standing with HighCouncilofErudin got better
Your faction standing with Heretics got worse
You gain experience!!
You receive 3 copper from Weligon Steelherder.
You receive 4 silver from Weligon Steelherder.

Apart from the money, I received a tattered mask as a reward. The other quests hinted at in the text are the Weligon Steelherder Barnacle Breastplate Quest and the Weligon Steelherder Deepwater Harpoon Quest detailed seperately.