Captain Nealith Drolvarg Teeth Quest - Firiona Vie

Completed Quest

Find Captain Nealith in a building at -3915.87, 2614.02, -77.16.

You say, 'Hail Captain Nealith'

Captain Nealith says 'Hail, adventurer!! Stand tall and fight for the forest folk and all good races of Norrath. We shall claim this land for the kingdom of Thex! My warriors shall not fail. Already we patrol deep in the wilds of Kunark. We welcome all mercenaries and urge adventurers to [join the defense of the outpost].

You say, 'I will join the defense of the outpost'

Captain Nealith says 'I salute you!! Join the hunt. Reports from the front line indicate a rise in the drolvarg population. Abandon your fear and slay these beasts for the greater good. Already, they have taken far too many lives, even my sibling's!! I shall pay you your wages upon the return of four drolvarg teeth.

Go out of town and hunt Drolvarg Growlers, Snarler or Scavengers. They can be found in Inhabitants of Firiona Vie to the right of the bridge. They drop Canines A Canine. Collect 4 Canines and give them to Captain Nealith for the following response:

Captain Nealith tosses the teeth into a very large cask full of similar teeth. 'Fine work, Runengetum . I wish all my own troops showed the same tenacity. I salute you. This will keep you well fed during your long patrols. Use your wages to better equip yourself. Continue the fight!! The General is pleased.

Your faction standing with FirionaVie got better.
Your faction standing with EmeraldWarriors got better.
Your faction standing with StormGuard got better.
Your faction standing with LegionOfCabilis got worse.
Your faction standing with PiratesOfGunthak got worse.
You gain experience!!
You receive 2 copper from Captain Nealith.
You receive 2 silver from Captain Nealith.

You also get 4 Elven Trail Mix Elven Trail Mix as a reward.