Bilrio Surecut Kilij Quest - Greater Faydark

Completed quest

Find Bilrio Surecut outside the weapons shop at-646.17, 384.01, 77.75

You say, 'Hail, Bilrio Surecut'

Bilrio Surecut says 'Greetings, friend. If fine weapons are what you seek then you shall find them here in my shop. I have traveled far and wide for the finest weapons. Still, there are a few [unusual weapons] which have eluded me.

You say, 'what unusual weapons?'

Bilrio Surecut says 'Unusual weapons? Yes. There are a few which I sought. Such an item is the [brazen brass kilij].

You say, 'what brazen brass Kilij?'

Bilrio Surecut says 'The brazen brass kilij is a legendary magical weapon designed by the ancients and long lost to the winds of time. I have searched the world for it to no avail. Perhaps the [legend of Husam] will add some insight to my quest. I have some knowledge of its design and I am sure I can [craft the kilij].

You say, 'what legend of Husam?'

Bilrio Surecut says 'Legend says the kilij was forged for a great paladin for his assault on the land of the dead. He was to slay the evil siblings Dimetreas and Byzola. It is said he killed Byzola. With the kilij he was unstoppable. Dimetreas knew this and cast an [evil spell] upon the kilij.

You say, 'what evil spell?'

Bilrio Surecut says 'The enchantment would allow only rogues, warriors and the feeble minstrels to wield it. And so Dimetreas defeated the now unarmed paladin and shattered the kilij. He then found the only kilij plans and sent them to the Plane of Man to be held forever by his evil servant, Husam.. Husam of the burning sun.

You say, 'can you craft the kilij?'

Bilrio Surecut says 'I can craft the kilij. All I need are the kilij plans and three enchanted gold bars. The blend of metals is not entirely brass and only an enchanter can provide the enchanted metal I need. As for the plans, perhaps during your great adventures you shall happen upon it. If so, I can make one for you.

Go and find a named Giant called Husam in Southern Ro. He drops the Kilij Plans Kilij Plans when killed. Buy three gold bars from any jewelry merchant and have an Enchanter enchant them into Enchanted Gold Bars Enchanted Gold Bar. Give the Kilij Plans and the three Enchanted Gold Bars (unstacked) to Bilrio Surecut for the following response:

Bilrio Surecut says 'You have suceeded in your quest for the kilij!! Wield it proudly.

Your faction standing with Kelethin Merchants got better.
Your faction standing with Faydarks Champions got better.
Your faction standing with Emerald Warriors got better.
Your faction standing with Anti-Mage got better.
You gain experience!!

I also received the Brazen Brass Kilij Brazen Brass Kilij.