Gaudric Stormwynd Swarm of Pain Spell Quest - Gunthak

Completed quest

Find Gaudric Stormwynd in a hut near the Lighthouse at 1590.57, -147.81, 3.75

You say, 'Hail, Gaudric Stormwynd'

Gaudric Stormwynd says 'Greetings, Runengetum. What brings you to this forsaken rock? I have been sent here by the council of Surefall Glade to gather information about this Island. This place seethes with anger and hatred, and even the familiar [winds] of Karana blow with a cold bite. So far the creatures have all proved very hostile, even to a follower of Karana. I suspect that the curse of Innoruuk has caused them be very aggressive towards all outsiders. I have been able to gather some information on a new race of [insect] though'

You say, 'what insect?'

Gaudric Stormwynd says 'A strange group of ant like creatures that I've named Nifiliks seems to be native to the island. I've never encountered creatures quite like this. They seem to have a sort of Hive consciousness. They have a vast range in size. The smallest are barely an inch or two across, while the largest can be upwards of four feet tall. The larger ones seem to be able to control the smaller ones by some sort of audible communication. I've heard the strange noises they make, but have yet to [mimic] them.'

You say, 'why do you want to mimic them?'

Gaudric Stormwynd says 'The smallest ones do not seem to have as developed of a nervous system as the larger ones. They only act on the instincts and the commands of their masters. If we're able to mimic the sounds that they make, we may be able to control the smaller ones. If you're able to capture one of them alive and allow me to listen to its sounds I may be able to mimic them. You'll also need to bring me one of the smaller ones so I can observe its reactions.'

Now you have to go to the beach in Gunthak and kill Broken Skull Nifiliks. You need to find and loot a Tiny Nifilik A Tiny Nifilik and a Captured Nifilik A Captured Nifilik from them. I got a drop about 1 in 15 but the most difficult thing is to get the Broken Skull Nifiliks themselves to spawn. Anything on the beach appears to be a placeholder for them, but they only seem to spawn about 1 in 10 so expect to spend a bit of time collecting the pieces required. Give the Tiny Nifilik and the Captured Nifilik to Gaudric Stormwynd for the following response:

You gain experience!!

Gaudric Stormwynd takes the small nifilik and places it on the ground at his feet. He then partially unties the larger one causing it to let out some sort of high-pitched wailing. The small niflik on the table immediately begins to run across the ground toward you. You try to jump away but the nifilik still manages to latch onto your boot and crawl up under your armor. You howl in pain as the tiny creature bites repeatedly at your skin. Gaudric rebinds the larger nifilik and it stops wailing. The tiny creature below your armor stops biting at your skin.

Gaudric Stormwynd begins to scrawl several runes on a parchment and then hands it to you. 'I believe I've worked it out now. Unfortunately, our voices won't be able to make the sounds necessary to control these creatures, but with the help of Karana's magic you'll be able to imitate the sounds enough to control the small creatures. Use their power wisely, Runengetum. As you know their bite is quite painful.

You get given the level 44 Ranger spell Swarm of Pain Spell: Swarm of Pain.