Cindl Wrath Orc Wristbands Quest

Completed quest

Find Cindl in Macs Kilts at 273.03, -169.66, 3.75

This quest follows on from the Cindl Polar Bear Skin Quest detailed seperately.

You say, 'what second job?'

Cindl says 'I've seen the warriors bringin' in items called 'wrath orc wristbands.' Apparently, they find them on the lifeless bodies o' the snow orc troopers. They're made from a skin I've yet to find. I'll gladly reward ye with either a rawhide tunic or leggings or even perhaps leather gloves, if ye like. All I'm askin' are two wrath orc wristbands.

Giving Cindl two Wrath Orc Wristbands Wrath Orc Wristbands which are dropped by the Orcs in Everfrost results in:

Cindl says 'Fine work, hunter!! As yer reward, please accept this item which I've fashion'd fer ye.

Your faction standing with MerchantsofHalas got better
Your faction standing with WolvesoftheNorth got better
Your faction standing with ShamenofJustice got better
You gain experience!!

I received a Large Raw Hide Tunic for completing this quest.