Lysbith McNaff Goblin Necklace Quest - Halas

Completed quest

Find Lysbith NcNaff at the arena at about 564.79, -411.50, -18.25

You say, 'hail Lysbith McNaff'

Lysbith McNaff says 'Hail! Ye've come to [serve Halas], have ye not? We're the Wolves o' the North and it is our task to defend our city from harm.

You say, 'I will serve halas'

Lysbith McNaff says 'Halas is surrounded by barren arctic tundra. We've many foes. Among them are the [orc troopers], [ice goblins] and the ever-present polar bears.

You say, 'what ice goblins?'

Lysbith McNaff says 'The ice goblins have plagued our community fer some time now. At times, they even manage to get inside our walls. Fer the most part, they prey on travelers who pass through Everfrost Peaks. Since they're a weak race, we employ our youngest warriors to [protect the pass].

You say, 'I will protect the pass'

Lysbith McNaff says 'Then travel to the Everfrost Peaks and take this pack with ye. I want ye to return this pack to me when it is filled with the beaded ice necklaces o' the ice goblins. When it is filled, combine the items and return it to me and I'll decide whether ye deserve a reward fer yer deed.

You get given a bag Empty Bag in which to collect 6 Goblin Ice Necklaces Goblin Ice Necklace. Combine the contents in the bag to get a Bag of Ice Necklaces Bag of Ice Necklaces which you then give to Lysbith McNaff.

Lysbith McNaff says 'Ye've done well, me young warrior. We've gathered these to add to yer provisions. While in the Everfrost Peaks, be on the watch fer any gnolls ye may find. I declare there to be a [gnoll bounty].

Your faction standing with WolvesoftheNorth got better
Your faction standing with ShamenofJustice got better
Your faction standing with MerchantsofHalas got better
Your faction standing with SteelWarriors got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 3 gold from Lysbith McNaff.

Note: The other quest stemming from the Orc Troopers cue is detailed separately as the Seux Quest, and the quest stemming from the Gnoll Bounty cue is the Gnolls Teeth Quest.

Total reward for this quest was 3GP, a Torch and an Iron Ration when I completed it.