Margyn McCann Fugitive Quest - Halas

Incomplete quest

Find Margyn McCann in the Shamens guild at 333.31, 482.42, -20.25

You say, 'hail Margyn McCann'

Margyn McCann says 'Hail, young adventurer! I'm the chief overseer o' the Shamans o' Justice. We serve the will o' the Tribunal. Justice is our way. Within Halas, there are none who are above the scales o' justice. There are still some who have defied our laws. We wish to [apprehend the fugitives].

You say, 'I will apprehend the fugitives'

Margyn McCann says 'Maybe so, however, there are some who may be too much fer ye to handle.I'll need to know if ye're a [young shaman] or a [standin' member of the court].

You say, 'I am a young shaman'

Margyn McCann says 'We seek a former member who dared to curse the righteousness of the Tribunal. We'll have his head for that remark. His name is Granin O'Gill and he has run to the wastelands of Everfrost seeking safe haven. Find him. Return his head to me. Do so, and earn the ninth circle spell, Spirit o' the Bear. Go at once!

You say, 'I am a standin' member of the court'

Margyn McCann says 'At the moment, I've no word o' heretics about for ye to hunt down. I pray that there will be no more, too!

So, you have to go to Everfrost to seek and kill Granin O'Gill. I am lead to believe that Granin can be found in the mountains in the SE of Everfrost, but I have to confirm this and complete the quest yet.