Shamus Felligan Glowing Necklaces Quest - Halas

Incomplete quest

Find Shamus Felligan outside the Shamens guild at 330.78, 353.70, 3.75

You say, 'hail Shamus Felligan'

Shamus Felligan says 'Greetin's! Justice speaks through us. We're the followers o' the Tribunal. We act as judge, jury and executioner fer all misled Northmen. Sometimes we must also execute our swift justice upon evil races, such as th' [ice goblins].

You say, 'what ice goblins?'

Shamus Felligan says 'The ice goblins are a weak race. They pose no threat to our community, but lately we've heard rumors of ice goblins as can cast spells. They're said to be as weak as the goblin warriors, so I seek to employ the talents of our young shamans to [hunt the goblin casters].

You say, 'I will hunt the goblin casters'

Shamus Felligan says 'Aye, ye'll serve justice. I must find the source o' their recent spellcasting ability. I hear reports o' glowing necklaces upon these wicked beasts' necks. Get me one o' these casters' necklaces. Return them in any condition at all. Go! Justice awaits yer return.

Go into Everfrost to find a goblin caster. I have found one at -987.42, -1512.73, -57.84. Sometimes they drop a Shattered Caster Beads Shattered Caster Beads. If you give Shamus Felligan a Shattered Caster Beads he responds:

Shamus Felligan says 'Shattered!! This has happened frequently!! These beads are very delicate. They're useless to me now, however, I'll reward ye fer the execution of yet more goblin casters. Continue yer work. The Tribunal watches ye!

Your faction standing with ShamenofJustice got better
Your faction standing with MerchantsofHalas got better
Your faction standing with CircleOfUnseenHands got worse
Your faction standing with Coalition of Tradefolk Underground got worse
Your faction standing with EbonMask got worse
You gain experience!!
You receive 1 silver from Shamus Felligan.
You receive 2 gold from Shamus Felligan.

I also received a spell, Spirit Pouch.