Teria O'Danos Lion Meat Quest - Halas

Completed quest

Find Teria O'Danos on the right as you step off the ferry into Halas at -7.80, -30.24, 3.75

You say, 'hail Teria O`Danos'

Teria O`Danos says 'Good day to ye! Ye look a wee bit hungrry. I sell many fine foods. Please have a look. Might I suggest the [lion roast]? It is a wee bit expensive, but well worth it.

You say, 'what lion roast?'

Teria O`Danos says 'The lion roast is quite good. Tis me specialty. Ah marinate the lion meat in mammoth fat fer two days before roasting it. Lion meat isn't common around here. I'll purchase what I can from strangers but I rely mostly on shipments from the Plains o' Karana. I'm presently searching fer someone to [pick up me lion meat shipment].

You say, 'I will pick up me lion meat shipment'

Teria O`Danos says 'It'd be grand o' ye to pick up me lion meat shipment. Ye must travel to the Plains o' Karana. Search fer a Northman fishing village. It should be Clan McMannus. Speak with the chieftain, Einhorst. Tell him ye're there to [pick up the lion meat shipment for Halas]. When ye return, I'll pay ye at least three gold. I look forward to yer return.

You then have to travel to the Barbarian Village in the Western Plains of Karana. Follow the path through the pass as you enter the zone, and then turn right at the first junction, heading south till you hit the village. Einhorst McMannus can be found in a hut at -3804.91, -2095.17, 5.78

You say, 'I have come to pick up the lion meat shipment for halas'

Einhorst McMannus says 'Oh, yes, the lion meat shipment. Aye, it's here somewhere. Just a moment. Ah! Here you go. Apologize for the delay in this.

You then get given the Lion Meat shipment Lion Meat Shipment to return with. Warning, the Lion Meat shipment appears to be edible, so put it in the bottom right of your inventory if you want to make sure that you don't accidently eat it as food! Return to Halas and give the Lion Meat shipment to Teria O'Danos for the following response:

Teria O`Danos says 'Ye've returned!! How wonderful! The people o' Halas thank ye! It isn't often we get to indulge ourselves in the delicacies o' warmer climates. Here ye go, me friend. Ye've completed the delivery in good time. I hope ye deliver more often. Here, try some of me new creation.. [Lion Delight].

Your faction standing with MerchantsofHalas got better
Your faction standing with WolvesoftheNorth got better
Your faction standing with ShamenofJustice got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 2 gold from Teria O`Danos.

You also get a Lion Delight Lion Delight. This is a lore item that cannot be sold, but is edible and will be used as food if left lying around in your packs.

You say, 'what lion delight?'

Teria O`Danos says 'Lion Delight is a trade secrret and brings me much praise. I'll allow only one per customer. I'll also honor all as will [pick up the lion meat shipment] with a fine portion.

I have done this quest multiple times. I have received 1GP reward once, and 2GP reward once.