Thadres Thyme Diary Quest - Halas

Completed quest

Find Thadres Thyme in McQuaids Bar & Stout at 104.22, -208.73, 3.75

You say, 'hail Thadres Thyme'

Thadres Thyme says 'Hello, Runengetum ! It's hard to believe just how cold it gets here! It really has been wearing me down. Especially after the [journey] from Qeynos.

You say, 'what journey?'

Thadres Thyme says 'I have been traveling the face of Norrath to unravel the mystery of why my beloved [brother] attacked a group of traveling bards. He didn't survive the fight. It's been so long, I can't really remember what he looked like! I miss him so much... Now all I have are his [diary] and some brewing recipes he sold before his death.

You say, 'what brother?'

Thadres Thyme says 'My brother was Delius Thyme. I think he was a great man. Runengetum , have you ever lost someone close? I don't know if I can ever forgive myself for letting him travel on his own after his sanity began to fade. Oh, Delius, please forgive me!

You say, 'what diary?'

Thadres Thyme says 'The diary? It's one of the two connections I still have to my brother. Sadly, [pages] are missing from it. I've been looking for them.

You say, 'what pages?'

Thadres Thyme says 'I believe the pages contain the events that drove my brother to insanity. I have been searching for the remaining three missing pages. There is some hope; I found a couple of pages over in Everfrost Mountains.

You now have to go Into Everfrost and Kill the Vengeful Soloist, Vengeful Lyricist and Vengeful Composer. They each drop a different page of the diary (Composer Page 74 Delius Thymes Diary Page 74, Lyricist Page 75 Delius Thymes Diary Page 75, Soloist Page 76 Delius Thymes Diary Page 76). Collect the three different pages and give them to Thadres Thyme. Note that these pages are No Rent which means that they will disappear when you log off. Click here to read the different diary pages. Page 74 Delius Thymes Diary Page 74, Page 75 Delius Thymes Diary Page 75, Page 76 Delius Thymes Diary Page 76. Thadres Thyme, when given the pages, responds:

Thadres Thyme says 'Thank you, thank you. Let me read them. Oh! How could I want these brewing recipes after they made my brother insane? Where are they? I think this is all of them. Take them away from me! Delius can smile upon me now.

You gain experience!!

You are also rewarded with Garsen's Brewing List Garsens Brewing List. You can read its contents by clicking this book Garsons Brewing List.