Ysanna MacGibbon Gnoll Fur Quest - Halas

Incomplete quest

Find Ysanna MacGibbon upstairs in the bank at xxx

This quest starts from the Cappi McTarnigal Mammoth Calf Hides Quest when Ysanna MacGibbon produces the following dialogue:

Ysanna MacGibbon says 'The mammoth calf hides are used to shield our beasts of burden from the icy wind. You are probably now asking what shields us Northmen from that same icy wind eh? Well, along with many other furs and leathers, we have come to find that [gnoll fur] of all things is a good insulator against the cold. Look at their tiny bodies and it's obvious their fur does something good.

Note that Ysanna MacGibbon spoke even though I was not speaking to her. I then spoke to her:

You say, 'what gnoll fur?'

Ysanna MacGibbon says 'You should not be asking where or what a gnoll is, but asking how I make use of that patch fur I find on their corpse. It is quite simple, take four pieces of gnoll fur and sew them together. Take the result and sew four of them together. And again with that product. In the end you will have a bundle of tailored gnoll fur. You can either return it to me or keep it for yourself.

So, go to BlackBurrow and collect four patches of Gnoll Fur Patch of Gnoll Fur. Put these into seperate slots of a sewing kit and hit combine. It will produce a single Gnoll Fur Patch Gnoll Fur Patch. Make four Gnoll Fur Patches and combine them in a sewing kit in the same way to make a Gnoll Fur Patch Quarter Gnoll Fur Patch Quarter. Take four Gnoll Fur Patch Quarters and combine them in a sewing kit to produce a Patched Gnoll Fur Bundle Patched Gnoll Fur Bundle. This is actually quite a useful cloak in its own right. I tried giving it to Ysanna MacGibbon for the following response:

Ysanna MacGibbon says 'I will do nothing to aid beings like you.'

The reason for this response was undoubtedly because I canned Dubious to him. Indeed, I had to be cunning and use my sneak skill to get the dialogue as far as I did to get the quest in the first place. It may be possible to do this quest before the Langseux quest.