Randel Stormwind Poachers Quest - Jaggedpine Forest

Completed quest

Find Randel Stormwind by a campfire at 1219.47, 2052.27, -12.91. I was warmly to Randel Stormwind when I did this quest.

You say, 'Hail, Randel Stormwind'

Randel Stormwind says 'Well met, Runengetum. This has been a very stressful time for many of us and some of us have been kind of edgy lately. We've lived here for generations and in relative seclusion and we enjoyed a simple life for the most part. Unfortunately, this was not to last and the sudden [change] has left many on edge.'

You say, 'what change?'

Randel Stormwind says 'There are a lot of people that resent the outsiders and view their presence as corrupting our way of life. It's more than just the new guards and the sudden influx of people though. This is sort of a long story that begins when my grandfather was just a lad. It was during the rule of Antonius III that public [access] to the Jaggedpine Forest [was restricted].'

You say, 'why was access restricted?'

Randel Stormwind says 'The Protectors of the Pine became concerned when adventurers began wandering through Jaggedpine Forest and into the Unkempt Wood. Most that did were never heard from ever again. The residents of Surefall feared retaliation from the Unkempt for those trespassing into their territory and Antonius smartly reasoned that if Surefall Glade were to be taken, Qeynos would surely be next. So he declared Jaggedpine Forest and all points eastward off limits. So it was just our ancestors that dwelled on the [Throne of Karana's Fury].'

You say, 'what throne of Karana's Fury?'

Randel Stormwind says 'Yes, that was what this place was called until recently but I'll get to that part in a minute. We who acted as stewards were allowed to come and go as we pleased through Surefall Glade. For the longest time things were peaceful. Sure, we had problems with the odd [poacher] here or there but for the most part it was peaceful. However, trouble began when an [outsider] snuck through Surefall Glade and entered the Unkempt Wood.'

You say, 'what poacher?'

Randel Stormwind says 'Yes poachers often sneak in and mindlessly kill our sacred bears for their skins. Often they'll kill a mother bear and leave their cubs for dead. If I am able, I'll take the cub and raise it. If I do my job well, I'm able to release the bear back into the wild once it is old enough to fend for itself. There is one [group] of poachers I'm particularly worried about though.'

You say, 'what group?'

Randel Stormwind says 'They are a pair of ne'er-do-well couples that have been terrorizing the animals recently, killing and maiming every creature they happen across. It's their sick idea of sport. They need to be stopped. They call themselves the [Pirates of the Pine].'

You say, 'what pirates of the pine?'

Randel Stormwind says 'They are a bunch of good for nothing lowlives! I would stop them myself but sadly, I lack skill with a weapon. You on the other hand, look like you can handle yourself pretty well. If you are able to bring these four to justice, return to me with proof. You will be justly compensated for your efforts.'

Now you have to go to the poachers camp at approx xxx and hunt the poachers. You are looking for 4 named poachers who spawn there. Ordinary poachers are placeholders. You are looking for the heads of Reynold Blackguard Head of Reynold Blackguard, Elishia Blackguard Head of Elishia Blackguard, Zed Sticklebush Head of Zed Sticklebush and Vaurien Sticklebush Head of Vaurien Sticklebush. Collect these 4 heads and hand them to Randel Stormwind for the following response:

Randel Stormwind says 'Great Karana's blessing!! I see justice by your hand is both swift and eternal. I would never have had the skill nor the heart to carry out these miscreant's punishment the way you have. I'm glad to call you a friend and not an enemy. Well, I did promise just compensation for your efforts and I'm true to my word. Please take this ring as a token of my gratitude.'

Your faction standing with Residents of Jaggedpine got better.
Your faction standing with Jaggedpine Treefolk could not possibly get any better.
Your faction standing with Protectors of Pine got better.
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos could not possibly get any better.
You gain experience!!

You also get a Sigil Ring of Jaggedpine Sigil Ring of Jaggedpine as a reward.