Snarla the Fang Wolf Fang Necklace Quest - Jaggedpine Forest

Completed quest

This is a follow on to the Snarla the Fang Dryad Pate Quest.

Find Snarla the Fang in the White Gnoll Caves at -1045.03, 3259.24, 3.75. I was Amiable when I talked to Snarla the Fang as I had run the lead in Dryad Pate quest a few times.

You say, 'what necklaces?'

Snarla the Fang says 'I make many different kinds of necklaces for my friends from fangs of powerful creatures like bear, panther and wolf. You give me your token of friendship and I give you a pouch to keep some stuff in. After you get the stuff and seal the bag, bring it back and I make you a nice necklace to wear. Stuff I need is one Anaconda Skin and three Fangs. Fangs that make good necklaces are Wolf, Bear and Panther. Make sure all fangs are same. Necklaces with different fangs are neat but not as nice as ones with all same fangs, so I only make those ones.'

Give Snarla the Fang the Token of Friendship Token of Friendship received from the Dryad Pate Quest for the following response:

Snarla the Fang says 'Ok, here pouch to collect stuff. Come back when pouch full. Make sure you seal pouch or stuff may fall out.'

You get given a Necklace Component Pouch Necklace component pouch and the Token of Friendship back. Now go and hunt the poachers in the poacher camp in Jaggedpine (located at -685, -1325 approximately). From time to time the poachers drop Wolf Fangs Wolf Fang. Collect 3 of these. Also hunt the Giant Anacondas in Jaggedpine as these will occasionally drop the Anaconda Skin Anaconda Skin required. Put the 3 Wolf Fangs and the Anaconda Skin in the Necklace Component Pouch and hit the combine button on the pouch to make a Sealed Wolf Fang Pouch Sealed Wolf Fang Pouch. Give Snarla the Fang the Sealed Wolf Fang Pouch for the following response:

Snarla the Fang says 'Oh hello friend, I make this nice necklace for you! You wear this and feel the spirit of the wolf run through you!'

Your faction standing with Anchorites of Brell Serilis got better.

You get given a Wolf Fang Necklace Wolf Fang Necklace.