Triblix Tikbok Phosphorous Torch Quest - Katta Castellum

Completed quest

Find Triblix Tikbok in the basement at -750.10, -188.35, -265.25

You say, 'Hail, Triblix Tikbok'

Triblix Tikbok says 'Pleasure to meet ya! Have you come to the Illuminarium Industria to gaggle about or have you come looking for [some work]?'

You say, 'I am looking for some work'

Triblix Tikbok says 'Well in that case I sure could use the assistance of a powerful Human such as yourself. You see my job here is to construct the lighting for Katta Castellum and I'm always in need of more supplies. I need a fresh supply of [zelniak oil] for the standard city street lanterns and a fresh supply of [acrylia phosphate] to construct more phosphorous lanterns and torches.'

You say, 'what acrylia phosphate?'

Triblix Tikbok says 'Acrylia Phosphate is an uncommon mineral deposit containing the same mineral compound that provides acrylia ore with its self luminescence. The acrylia phosphate also burns very well and at extremely high temperatures for very long periods of time. I will trade with you for every four piles of acrylia phosphate you can supply to me.'

Acrylia Phosphate Acrylian Phosphate can be found in Netherbian Lair where it is a random drop from the Netherbians. Collect 4 Acrylia Phosphate and give them to Triblix Tikbok unstacked for the following response:

Triblix Tikbok says 'Thank you Runengetum! This acrylian phosphate is such a wonderful mineral both for producing extremely long lasting lights and also for the aversion vampyres seem to have to the way it burns!'

Your faction standing with Katta Castellum Citizens got better.
Your faction standing with Validus Custodus got better.
Your faction standing with Magus Conlegium got better.
Your faction standing with Citizens of Seru got worse.
Your faction standing with Seru got worse.
Your faction standing with Shoulders of Seru got worse.
You gain experience!!

You get given a Phosphorous Torch as a reward Phosphorous Torch.