Errrak Thickshank Bone Talisman Quest - Kerra Isle

Completed quest

Find Errrak Thickshank in a hut at the end of the docks at -93.70, 278.54, 5.75

You say, 'Hail, Errrak Thickshank'

Errrak Thickshank says 'What? What do you want, furless? My tseq, Graalf, lies sick and you waste time with talk when you [cannot help]. '

You say, 'why cannot help?'

Errrak Thickshank says 'The shamans, they have said I need [talismans] to ward the sickness from Graalf. '

You say, 'what talismans?'

Errrak Thickshank says 'Errr? You wish to help? We will see. I need a tiger's skin, from a tigerrr not of ourrr village, for its brave spirit, an aviaks charm, and a giant snake fang for the poison that can be made into an antidote. If you truly intend to help, then good speed and hurry! '

Now you need to go and source the components required. The Tiger Skin Tiger Skin dropped from a Raging Tiger in Emerald Jungle (although I belive that the Tiger in Akan'on zoo and the Tigers in Stonebrunt also drop the tiger skin). The Aviak Charm Aviak Charm dropped from an Aviak Avocet in South Karana, and the Giant Snake Fang Giant Snake Fang from a Bullnose Snake in East Karana (although ordinary Giant Snakes also drop it). Give the Tiger Skin, Aviak Charm and Giant Snake Fang to Errrak Thickshank for the following response:

Errrak Thickshank says 'I cannot believe. Thank you. Please, take this talisman. I bought from wandering shaman but it no help Graalf, maybe it help you. Now please go, Errrak must see if this will help Graalf. '

Your faction standing with Kerra Isle got better.

You gain experience!!

You also get given a Bone Talisman as a reward Bone Talisman.