Gandari Ivy Etched Helm Quest - Kithicor Forest

Completed Quest

Find Gandari in a hut at 1465.57, 2420.82, 300.18

You say, 'hail Gandari'

Gandari says 'Most call me Gandari the Terse. You here for [ivy armor]?

You say, 'Ivy Armor'

Gandari says 'I reward brave rangers with ivy etched armor - [helm]s, [tunic]s, [sleeves] and [bracers]. [Interested]?

You say, 'I am interested in ivy etched helm'

Gandari says 'I do not haggle; I do not bargain. The top of the Rune of Ivy from Castle Mistmoore, a cyclops charm from Tarskuk and a sapphire of sky blue. Bring these to me and you shall earn your reward.

The Rune of Ivy Rune of Ivy is dropped by the Deathly Usher in Castle Mistmoore. I found mine at about location 160,20 but I think that he was trained there from further inside the castle. Tarskuk is a named cyclops in Rathe Mountains who spawns between the gypsy camp and the Lathe Rathe zone edge. He drops a Cyclops Charm Cyclops Charm when killed. The sapphire Sapphire can be purchased from a jeweller. Give all three items to Gandari for the following response:

Gandari says 'Well done. May Karana bless your soul.

Your faction standing with KithicorResidents got better
Your faction standing with ProtectorsofPine got better
Your faction standing with JaggedPineTreefolk got better
Your faction standing with UnkemptDruids got worse
You gain experience!!

You get given the Ivy Etched Helm Ivy Etched Helm as a reward.