Ged Twigborn Ratskin Gloves Quest - Kithicor Forest

Completed quest

Find Ged Twigborn at 633.82, 3013.52, 478.97 (I found him running due west, but this is where he stopped).

You say, 'hail Ged Twigborn'

Ged Twigborn says 'Hello, Runengetum . What brings you to this neck of the woods? You must have heard of my expert tanning skills. I craft some of the finest skin garments this side of Highpass Hold.

You say, 'what skin garments?'

Ged Twigborn says 'Gloves are my specialty. I make four varieties; ratskin, wolfskin, bearskin, and my most sought after type, lionskin.

You say, 'what ratskin gloves?'

Ged Twigborn says 'Interested in some ratskin gloves, are you? Well, before I can start, I need you to provide me a giant rat pelt and 6 gold pieces. I need to make a living at this, after all..

Give Ged Twigborn a Giant Rat Pelt Giant Rat Pelt and 6GP for the following response:

Ged Twigborn says 'Ok! Let me see here.. Hmmm.. Oh, excellent.. Here you go. Some of my finest work, if I must say so myself.

Your faction standing with KithicorResidents got better.
Your faction standing with ProtectorsofPine got better.
Your faction standing with JaggedPineTreefolk got better.
Your faction standing with UnkemptDruids got worse.
You gain experience!!

You also get rewarded with the Ratskin Gloves Ratskin Gloves.