Grim Oakfist Collar of Neshika Quest - Kithicor Forest

Completed Quest

Find Grim Oakfist in a hut near the West Commons zone line at 1143.26, -678.74, -40.27. Note that Grim Oakfist is not always there. He seems to be one of 3 spawns at this location, the others being Tallyn Starwatch and Brollus Hoost who have no part of this quest.

You say, 'hail Grim Oakfist'

Grim Oakfist says 'It is good to finally meet one who respects the disciplines of the Ashen Order. All I have met are rangers. They have interfered with my [mission in the woods].

You say, 'what mission in the wood?'

Grim Oakfist says 'I have come here to avenge my family. One season past, they were attacked by a trio of deadly tigers. I came here to hunt the beasts down, but then I found the local rangers and residents here protect the tigers. They seem to be legends in these parts. The tigers even have name's!! They call them Eenot, Reggit and Kobb. I wish I had help from a [fellow monk].

You say, 'I am a fellow monk'

Grim Oakfist says 'Good!! The rangers are watching me so you must go alone. I can only wait until the morning, then I must go. If you find all three tigers, return their pelts to me and I shall reward you with something discovered for monks only.

Eenot shouts 'A loud roar his heard within the woods!!

Now go into the woods in search of the tigers. Saying I am a fellow monk seems to be the trigger phrase to cause the tigers to spawn. All the tigers rarely stand still and move at sow type speeds. Reggit seems to run along the south end of the zone and drops a peculiar tiger pelt a peculiar tiger pelt, Eenot runs east-west through the centre of the zone and drops an unusual tiger pelt an unusual tiger pelt while Kobb runs along the north end of the zone and drops a strange tiger pelt an unusual tiger pelt. Note that the tigers will despawn if not killed in day or so of game time.

Grim Oakfist says 'Good work. I hope you had no run ins with the local rangers. Here is my reward. An object from the past which I found in my journeys. Wish that I could reward also with [treant fists].

Your faction standing with Ashen Order got better.
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth got better.
Your faction standing with Silent Fist Clan could not possibly get any better.
You gain experience!!

You also get given a Collar of Neshika Collar of Neshika as your reward.

You say, 'what treant fists?'

Grim Oakfist says 'The treant fists were created by great craftsmen. They are for the fists of a monk and offer greater dexterity and increase the durability of one's soul. My last pair were given to Master Puab of the Ashen House training grounds.