Morin Shadowbane Shortsword of Morin Quest - Kithicor Forest

Completed Quest

Find Morin Shadowbane in a hut at 1518.96, 2315.77, 299.79

You say, 'hail Morin Shadowbane'

Morin Shadowbane says 'Hail, Runengetum ! I am the leader of this beleaguered troop of rangers. Even though the once fair Kithicor slowly succumbs to the [darkness] at hand, we shall not abandon the woods without a fight.

You say, 'what darkness?'

Morin Shadowbane says 'The denizens of these woods are slowly being overrun by dark fiends and shadowed men. As valiantly as we have fought, our numbers dwindle. We know very little about our aggressors, but if we [acquire some information] or perhaps [fine weapons], then we may yet have a chance to retake the woods once more.

You say, 'what fine weapons?'

Morin Shadowbane says 'My soldiers are valiant, but poorly equipped. I have heard of a magical weapon of great power, some call it the ebony blade. Amongst the frogloks there can be found a minotaur who wields this sword of might. If you are a ranger and could provide me with this sword, I would gladly exchange it with my own meager weapon. If you prefer, you may attempt to [acquire some information] for us instead.

You say, 'I will acquire some information'

Morin Shadowbane says 'Your tracking skills are invaluable to our cause, brave Runengetum . Our scouts have reported sightings of a ghoul messenger. They have spotted him traveling between Kithicor and an undead camp in the Plains of Karana. They have attempted to track the monster and obtain any strategic documentation he may be carrying. Perhaps you can succeed where others have failed. Perhaps you may even earn my personal short sword.

Go into Western Karana to find the Ghoul Messenger. He circles around the mountainous area of the north east part of the zone. If killed, he drops a strategic map of Kithicor A strategic map of Kithicor. Give this map to Morin Shadowbane for the following response:

Morin Shadowbane says 'Excellent work, Runengetum !! It is obvious that you are a highly skilled tracker and warrior. Accept this reward, my personal sword which has served me well in countless battles. Perhaps you are willing to perform [another service] on our behalf?

You gain experience!!

You get given the Short Sword of Morin Short Sword of Morin as a reward.

You say, 'another service?'

Morin Shadowbane says 'Very well then, your help will bring us closer to solving the mystery of Kithicor! Find Bryn Fynndel in the Lesser Faydark and tell him Morin sent you. His band of elven warriors are observing the activities of the Crushbone orcs and Mistmoore dark elves. Perhaps you can help them shed some light on our plight.