Nultal Malfoot Skunk Gland Quest

Completed quest


Find Nultal Malfoot in the Clerics Guild at 796.04, 153.02, 3.75

You say, 'hail Nultal Malfoot'

Nultal Malfoot says 'May the power of Underfoot be with you. Welcome. I am here to serve the will of the king as should you. If you [need healing], then speak. Or perhaps you are here to [return skunk glands]?

You say, 'I am here to return skunk glands'

Nultal Malfoot says 'I have made an offer to all clerics of this cathedral. I shall reward one cleric scroll from our scribes for the return of four skunk scent glands. This offer is best left to our clerics.

Go and kill Skunks in Butcherblock and get 4 skunk scent glands Skunk Scent Gland. Give these to Nultal Malfoot for the following response:

Nultal Malfoot says 'I thank you for your good deed. I trust it was not a problem. Take this scroll. A cleric of this cathedral will find it useful. May the power of Underfoot be with you.

Your faction standing with Clerics of Underfoot got better
Your faction standing with Kazon Stormhammer got better
Your faction standing with Miners Guild 249 got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 6 silver from Nultal Malfoot.

I also got a first level Cleric spell as a reward.