Lashun Novashine Bone Chip Quest - North Qeynos

Completed quest

Lashun Novashine can be heard shouting the following from time to time:

Lashun Novashine shouts 'Cease this endless conflict and seek salvation in the Temple of Life! The glory of Rodcet Nife awaits you!

Face to face dialogue:

You say, 'hail Lashun Novashine'

Lashun Novashine says 'Well met, Runengetum . My name is Lashun Novashine and I am a humble priest of Rodcet Nife, the Prime Healer. I wish to spread His word to every corner of Norrath. My job gets more difficult each day with so many so willing to take lives rather than preserve them.

There is no response to 'what job?', 'what priest?', 'what Rodcet nife?' , 'what prime healer?', 'who takes lives?', 'I will spread his word' , 'what minion of bertoxxulous?', 'what lives?' or 'what day?'. While I cannot yet find a reason, general Everquest knowledge indicates that you should give Lashun Novashine bone chips.

Giving one bone chip Bone Chips results in:

Lashun Novashine says 'Ah good, I see you seek healing. But you must offer the remains of one more minion of Bertoxxulous before Rodcet will deem you worthy.

Giving a second bone chip, or two at a time results in:

Lashun Novashine says 'Very well, young one. May the light of the Prime Healer wash away your scars.
Your faction standing with Priests of Life got better
Your faction standing with Knights of Thunder got better
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
Your faction standing with BloodSabers got worse
Your faction standing with AntoniusBayle got better
You gain experience!!

Lashun Novashine begins to cast a spell.
You feel a little better