Togahn Sorast Red Headband Quest

Incomplete quest

Find Togahn Sorast in the Monks guild at 288.92, 388.79, 3.75

You say, 'hail Togahn Sorast'

Togahn Sorast says 'Greetings.. I am Second Master Togahn Sorast. I am here to teach the ways of our guild. For our more advanced members, I will give out [headbands] as a reward for their contribution to the clan.

You say, 'what headbands?'

Togahn Sorast says 'The Silent Fist Clan gives out colored headbands for various deeds completed by our students. [Phin] gives out the [white, yellow, and orange headbands].. and I give out the [red, purple, and blue headbands].

You say, 'what red headbands'

Togahn Sorast says 'Ah, you think you are skilled enough to earn the red headband of the Silent Fist Clan, Runengetum ? Hmmm.. Well, if you can help us find [Brother Dareb], you would certainly deserve the honor of wearing the red headband.

You say, 'who is brother dareb?'

Togahn Sorast says 'Yes, brother Dareb was last heard from over two weeks ago. He was out in the Plains of South Karana, and then just disappeared. We fear that those vile gnolls fleeing Splitpaw may have captured him or worse. We sent brother Shen to go search the Karanas and look for Dareb over three days ago, but haven't heard from him, either. I fear the worst for both of them, especially if the [Splitpaws] are involved. Please, Runengetum , find and return our lost brothers to us. If they are not alive, bring back their remains so we may give them a proper burial.. and, if it is that evil [Ghanex Drah]'s doing, bring me his head as well, for the honor of the clan. You do this for us, Runengetum , and turn in your orange headband, and I will reward you with the red headband of the Silent Fist. Good luck.

You say, 'what splitpaws?'

Togahn Sorast says 'The Splitpaws were a large clan of gnolls that lived in a burrow out in South Karana, They have recently been ousted from their home by a new clan of gnolls that are very powerful. We try to stay away from them if we can, for we do not know much about this new breed. The Splitpaws are on the move and now is the only time to strike. If we wait too long, there will be no way to find our brother. Go now my friend, we haven't much time.

You say, 'what Ghanex Drah?'

Togahn Sorast says 'Ghanex Drah is ruler of the now fleeing gnolls of Splitpaw. I've heard rumors that he has been dabbling in the dark art of necromancy. Ghanex is looking for more test subjects, no doubt to rebuild his stronghold. The good people of Antonica must put an end to his evil reign soon, or I fear he could grow much more powerful.