Umvera Dekash Gem Inlaid Gauntlets Quest

Completed quest


Find Umvera Dekash in Crows Inn at 37.93, 366.86, 3.75

You say, 'Hail, Umvera Dekash'

Umvera Dekash says 'What, Runengetum? Do I look like a merchant to you? Just because all these merchants are in my library, it doesn't mean that I am one. If you are interested in something other than spell scrolls, then, we can talk.'

You say, 'I am interested'

Umvera Dekash says 'Ah, so you do have half a wit about you! Very well. As you can clearly see, I am the librarian here. I keep track of all of the mystic tomes that enter this divine building. I also take care of all of the purchasing. Have you something to offer?'

You say, 'I have something to offer'

Umvera Dekash says 'Excellent! You have no idea how difficult it is to get good help these days. Do you think you would have the time to gather some information for me?'

You say, 'I have the time to gather some information'

Umvera Dekash says 'Even better! Well, it has been some time since the Tesch Val gnolls moved in on the Split Paw. That being said, we still know little to nothing of their origins. If you can bring me back the four scrolls that our diviners speak of, I believe I can reward you well.'

There are four different Tesch Val Scrolls. They are described as Tanned Split Paw Skins Tanned Split Paw Skin, and NOT Tesch Val Scrolls if you right click them. They are written (presumably) in Gnoll. They can be identified in 2 ways. They are Lore Items, so you cannot have more than one of each - if you have four, you must have the set. Alternatively, if you read them you will see that they all start "Volume x" where x always seems to be read as a number between 1 and 4 regardless of your language skill. They are found on the Tesch Val Gnolls in South Karana and Splitpaw Lair. I have a translation of Scroll1, Scroll 2, Scroll 3 and Scroll 4 here. Give all four scrolls at once to Umvera Dekash for the response:

Umvera Dekash says 'It's about time. Let's see here. Right.. right.. right. Very good. Right. There you are! I translated the text. Now the scrolls need to be bound. Take these scrolls to Jheron Felkis in Freeport. I believe he is staying in one of the spare rooms in Velith and Bardo's establishment. He will ensure they are bound correctly. Return to me when the binding is complete.'

You gain experience!!

You get given a Tesch Val Compilation Tesch Val Compilation. You can read the book here: Pages 1 & 2, Pages 3 & 4, Pages 5 & 6. Now you have to go to East Freeport where you will find Jheron Felkis at loc 69.61, -469.13, -24.25 on the top floor of Velithe & Bardo's Imported Goods.

You say, 'Hail, Jheron Felkis'

Jheron Felkis says 'Ah, greetings, traveler! Settled into one of these rooms, have you? Well, this room is mine, so get out! Hey, wait! You aren't here to deliver a shipment of books to me, are you?'

You say, 'what shipment of books?'

Jheron Felkis says 'Oh, I typically receive monthly shipments of books from Umvera Dekash. I hear he has recently been promoted to senior librarian in Erudin. What a vaulted position! I could only aspire. I'm not going to be binding books forever, you know!'

Give Jheron Felkis the Tesch Val Compilation for the following response:

Jheron Felkis says 'So you are from Umvera! What is this? Oh my! Interesting! I'll bind them right away! A little snip here.. a little snip there.. All done! That didn't take long, did it? I won't be doing this forever, you know. After the militia burned down my father's home, he could not afford to send me through proper schooling. Ah well, such is life!'

You gain experience!!

You get given a Pawbook Pawbook. You can read the book here: Pages 1 & 2, Pages 3 & 4, Pages 5 & 6, Pages 7 & 8. Go back to North Qeynos and give the Pawbook to Umvera Dekash for the following response:

Umvera Dekash says 'You have returned safely. That is wonderful! Where the heck is my book, child? In my hands, I see. Such a bright little twinkle you are! Well, let me scribble something down on this pad here. There you are. Take this note to Durkis Battlemore in the Butcherblock Mountains. He is a remarkable smith, but more importantly, he owes me for his smithing books.'

You gain experience!!

You get given a note to Battlemore a Note to Battlemore. Find Durkis Battlemore in a hut in Butcherblock Mountains at 2045.14, 402.69, 1.50. he does not respond when hailed. Give him the note to Battlemore for the following response:

Durkis Battlemore says 'What have ye got there, lad? Ack. I thought I would never hear from that crazy old man again. He wants me to give you a pair o' me gauntlets. I suppose I kin do that. Here you are, Runengetum. Wear them in good health.'

You gain experience!!

You also get given a pair of Gem Inlaid Gauntlets Gem Inlaid Gauntlets.