Tumpy Irontoe Tumpy Tonic Quest

Completed quest

Find Tumpy Irontoe at 185.78, 310.18, 3.75

You say, 'hail Tumpy Irontoe'

Tumpy Irontoe says 'Welcome to Irontoe's! The finest watering hole this side of Oggok! If you're looking for anything special and it ain't behind the bar, just ask. Maybe I can make it.

You say, 'can you make tumpy tonic?'

Tumpy Irontoe says 'So you want a Tumpy Tonic? I can make you one. All I need is a flask of water and a kiola nut. The kiola nut can be bought in the Ocean of Tears island chain.

Give Tumpy Irontoe a Kiola Nut Kiola Nut which you can buy from Cleonae Kalen in a hut at location 499.93, -9259.49, 12.39 in the Ocean of Tears (first boat stop from Freeport) and a water flask Water Flask for the following response:

Tumpy Irontoe says 'Here you go. One Tumpy Tonic. Don't drink that too fast now.

You gain experience!!

You also get given a Tumpy Tonic Tumpy Tonic.