Ulan Meadowgreen Crafted Bracer Quest

Completed quest

Find Ulan Meadowgreen in the Centaur camp at 125.93, -2185.35, -0.03

You say, 'Hail, Ulan Meadowgreen'

Ulan Meadowgreen says 'Greetings. I am Ulan Meadowgreen of the family Meadowgreen. My brother and I are the best armorers in all of Norrath. We craft [armor] for the bravest warriors in the land. If you are a warrior of renown, and are interested in our armor, I have some mighty [labors] you might wish to attempt for me.

You say, 'what armor?'

Ulan Meadowgreen says 'I smith [bracers], [greaves], [pauldrons] and [breastplates]. My brother Shakrn smiths helms, gauntlets, boots and vambraces.

You say, 'what labors?'

Ulan Meadowgreen says 'Only those who can prove themselves mighty warriors deserve to wear our crafted armor. While my brother prefers trophies, I seek instead tasks which will help my craft and my people.

You say, 'what bracers?'

Ulan Meadowgreen says 'The fine sheen you see on our crafted armor is produced by a mixture of river berries and juice squeezed from the optic nerves of an evil eye. We are always in need of more optic nerves for our armor. Bring me a handful of optic nerves and a [sapphire], and I will give you a crafted bracer for your trouble.

You say, 'what sapphire?'

Ulan Meadowgreen says 'I need a sapphire for a piece of jewelry my brother and I are crafting.

Optic Nerves A Bunch of Optic Nerves drop from the Evil Eyes to be found in East Karana and the Gorge of King Xorbb. The Sapphire Sapphire can be bought from a merchant (I purchased mine in Qeynos). Give these 2 items to Ulan Meadowgreen for the following response:

Ulan Meadowgreen says 'Very good. I am always in need of more optic nerves. Take this crafted bracer with my thanks.

You gain experience!!

I also got a Crafted Bracer as a reward.