Gehna Solbenya Bandit Spectacle Quest

Completed quest


Find Gehna Solbenya in the Temple of Thunder at -201.43, -430.68, 3.75

You say, 'hail Gehna Solbenya'

Gehna Solbenya says 'Greetings and blessings to you, Runengetum . Karana offers you his protection and guidance. All who accept the offer shall find safe haven within our Temple of Thunder. If you are a cleric of Karana, you must have a [desire to serve Karana]'s flock.

You say, 'I desire to serve karana'

Gehna Solbenya says 'If you are a young acolyte, you may [deliver blessings to the flock] and if you are a skilled cleric, we need you to [hunt bandit binders].

You say, 'I will hunt the bandit binders'

Gehna Solbenya says 'Go to the Plains of Karana and seek out the Karana Bandits. Among them can be found their bandit binders. They are healers of sorts. Which evil deity granted them this power is unknown to us. Each carries a binder spectacle. I shall reward clerics for every two returned spectacles. Perhaps a new power may even be bestowed.

You now have to travel to East Karana to find the right bandits. The two bandits around location 1499.09, -533.30, 3.75 in the bandit camp are the two bandits that drop the spectacles A Spectacle. Go find and kill these bandits for the spectacles and return them to Gehna Solbenya for the following response:

Gehna Solbenya says 'Excellent work. These foul men have no right to be proficient in the ways of healing. Here then is your bounty. Use it in your continued war against the Karana bandits.

Your faction standing with Knights of Thunder got better
Your faction standing with BloodSabers got worse
Your faction standing with Priests of Life got better
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 8 silver from Gehna Solbenya.
You receive 3 gold from Gehna Solbenya.

I also got a low level spell from Gehna Solbenya. The other quest hinted by the "deliver blessings to the flock" comment is the Gehna Solbenya Temple Chalice Quest detailed seperately.