Grahan Rothkar Catman Quest

Completed quest


Find Grahan Rothkar in the pens under the arena at -26.45, -463.97, -24.25

You say, 'hail Grahan Rothkar'

Grahan Rothkar says 'Hail, Runengetum ! What business do you have in the pens of the Qeynos Arena? Have you a report of the [escaped catman]?

You say, 'what escaped catman?'

Grahan Rothkar says 'We had a catman imprisoned here for use in future gladiator battles. He escaped. In the process, he bit off my assistant's hand which held the key to pen number seven. I now seek to hire a warrior to [retrieve key seven].

You say, 'I will retrieve key seven'

Grahan Rothkar says 'Hmmm. You seem a bit young, but I shall give you a chance. Seek out the catman named Nomala. He most likely returned to [Kerra Isle]. He is not very powerful, but his people are surely watching over him. Retrieve the key for me and be rewarded.

You say, 'where is kerra isle?'

Grahan Rothkar says 'Kerra Isle is a dangerous place. The Kerra are not a friendly race. There is an island between Erudin and Qeynos which is inhabited by a more docile tribe of Kerra. I hear they took some of their Kerra beetles along with them to the island, too.

Now get the ship from South Qeynos and get off at the first stop, the Island in Eruds Crossing. Nomala can usually be found in the centre of the small settlement by the jetty. However, if you are patient, Nomala wanders off to the beach and can be found at -1771.86, 1106.07, 2.16. Note that when you attack her, any other Catmen in range will come to her assistance. If you attack her on the beach, only Milla is likely to assist. When you kill Nomala, she will drop a key Pen Key #7. Take this key and give it to Grahan Rothkar in South Qeynos for the following response:

Grahan Rothkar says 'I thank you. I must admit I had my doubts, but you have proven yourself a true warrior. I salute you. You can be of some assistance to me. It seems as though there has been a [second escaped gladiator] and I have a reward waiting for a human warrior.

Your faction standing with SteelWarriors got better
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
Your faction standing with Corrupt Qeynos Guards got worse
Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia got worse
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 8 copper from Grahan Rothkar.
You receive 10 silver from Grahan Rothkar.

I also received a rusty longsword as a reward.

You say, 'what second escaped gladiator?'

Grahan Rothkar says 'It appears our prize gladiator has escaped. He is a minotaur hero!! Trained by our best. He took down five of our greatest warriors during his escape. Rumor has it he fled to his homeland in the Steamfont Mountains. They say he is an outcast and does not live with his people. He appears during times of great need to champion the minotaurs. Return his shackles to me and glory is yours!!

The follow on from this is the Grahan Rothkar Hero Bracer Quest.