Lieutenant Arathur Crusade Quest

Completed quest

Find Lieutenant Arathur patrolling the streets or in front of the Clocktower at 398.20, -372.62, 3.75

You say, 'hail Lieutenant Arathur'

Lieutenant Arathur says 'Hail, Runengetum ! Lieutenant Arathur Swelnik at your service. I take great pride in keeping Qeynos safe and proper. I also try to bring the word of [Mithaniel Marr] to the people of this fine city.

You say, 'what gnolls?'

Lieutenant Arathur says 'What was that you said? You mentioned the Sabertooths of Blackburrow? Those gnolls have caused this city trouble for too long. We have yet to force them from Qeynos Hills. I hear rumors of a few merchants who even dare to sell the outlawed Blackburrow Stout which is brewed by the gnolls. Foolish!! We call upon all citizens to assist in ridding our land of the gnolls. If you wish to join the fight, Captain Tillin is your man. Just say so.

You say, 'where is Freeport?'

Lieutenant Arathur says 'Freeport is the city of my birth. It is not what it once was, though. Thugs and bandits patrol its streets. My comrades in the Knights of Truth have managed to protect the northern parts of the city but I fear they are outnumbered and will soon have to flee Freeport altogether. If it were not for my sworn duty here, I would join their noble [crusade].

You say, 'what crusade?'

Lieutenant Arathur says 'The Knights of Truth fight a neverending battle against the corrupt and vicious Freeport Milita. If you are going to Freeport, you might want to meet up with Knight Rolius and let him know you are a [friend of Arathur]. They can always use another able body.

My questions regarding Gnolls and Freeport were both lucky breaks on my part. Lieutenant Arathur seems to listen in and triggers a response when he hears the keyword 'Gnoll' in other nearby conversation. I cannot get Lieutenant Arathur to say anything more about Mithaniel Marr, and stumbled apon Freeport while trying to pursue this line of questioning. Theron Rolius in North Freeport in the Hall of Truth at 240.50, -142.20, 3.76 is who Lieutenant Arathur is referring to:

You say, 'Hail, Theron Rolius'

Theron Rolius says 'Greetings, Runengetum ! To enter these grounds is to proclaim your faith in the Truthbringer. In this city you shall find no greater allies than the Knights of Truth. We urge all knights and clerics who oppose the hand of the Freeport Militia to [join the crusade].

You say, 'I am a friend of arathur'

Theron Rolius says 'Oh! You hail from Qeynos, do you? How is old Arathur? He probably has told you about some of the troubles we are having here. Are you looking to [join our crusade] against the Freeport Militia?

You say, 'I am looking to join the crusade'

Theron Rolius says 'Then take arms against the Freeport Militia! They serve no one save Sir Lucan, the fallen knight. From this day forth, I put a bounty upon all militia members. For every bashed milita helm, a reward!! If you are not prepared to battle the militia just yet, you may [assist in other areas].

If you kill a member of the Freeport Militia, who are the guards in West and East Freeport, and who also roam East and West Commonlands and Northern Ro, they drop a Damaged Militia Helm Damaged Militia Helm. Give a Damaged Militia Helm to Theron Rolius for the following response:

Theron Rolius says 'Fantastic work, my young knight. Here is a small token of the my appreciation. I would offer you a sharkskin shield, but I have made only a few and the paladins are testing them.

Your faction standing with Knights of Truth got better.
Your faction standing with Dismal Rage got worse.
Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia got worse.
Your faction standing with Priests of Marr got better.
Your faction standing with Steel Warriors got better.
You gain experience!!
You receive 2 platinum from Theron Rolius.

You say, 'I will assist in other areas'

Theron Rolius says 'I have need of one such as you. I have been awaiting a message. I will need a young acolyte to [retrieve the message] for me or there are also some [fishing duties] I wish to delegate.