Zamel Missing Child Quest

Incomplete quest


Find Zamel standing in the street at 146.93, -397.65, 3.75. He can be heard spontaniously saying:

Zamel says 'Clean the [aqueducts] they tell me! Peh. I don't care how much they pay me, I am not climbing into that filth.

You say, 'hail Zamel'

Zamel says 'Greetings, good Runengetum . My name is Zamel and I have the much coveted duty of pulling sludge up out of the pools and [aqueducts] of Qeynos.. Gauntlets'.

You say, 'what aqueducts?'

Zamel says 'Aye, the aqueducts are a horrible place. I have heard rumors of horrible [beasts] who live under the city in the water and just the other day, a child playing in the water just up and disappeared!

You say, 'what beasts?'

Zamel says 'I know nothing of what or where they may be, just rumors, friend. However, should you foolishly choose to enter the waters to brave the possibilities and return with some evidence of the [child's] fate, I would be most appreciative.

You say, 'what child?'

Zamel says 'The daughter of one of our own guardsmen is missing. He has offered me a reward for any information about her disappearance. So, if you find out anything, let me know and I will cut you in on the reward.

The entrance to the aquedacts is under the water at 172.97, -484.78, -15.14. I have not got any further with this quest.