Ortallius Cutthroat Insignia Ring Quest

Completed quest

Find Ortallius near the northern zone edge at 1136.43, 1385.83, 19.47

You say, 'Hail, Ortallius'

Ortallius says 'Welcome to the lands of Ro. Stand and fight with me. We shall fight to reclaim the desert in the name of Solusek Ro. Death to all [dervish cutthroats]!!

You say, 'what dervish cutthroats?'

Ortallius says 'The dervish cutthroats are the vile scum who inhabit the desert. They are rogues who assault wayward travelers. Solusek Ro has commanded their extermination!! Do you wish to [join the crusade]?

You say, 'I will join the crusade'

Ortallius grins enthusiastically. 'The scum rarely wander far from their camps. Hunt them down and I will reward you for every three insignia rings you bring as proof of their deaths.'

Give Ortallius 3 Cutthroat Insignia Rings Cutthroat Insignia Ring dropped by the Dervish Cutthroats in North or South Desert of Ro for the following response:

Ortallius says 'You will make a fine addition to the crusade. Continue the cleansing of the desert. Let it be known that the Defenders of Ro are here to challenge the evils of the desert. I call upon the righteousness of all paladins to assist me.

Your faction standing with TempleOfSolRo got better.
Your faction standing with ShadowedMen got worse.
You gain experience!!
You receive 1 copper from Ortallius.
You receive 1 silver from Ortallius.
Ortallius says 'I need three of the cutthroat insignia rings.

I also received a rusty halberd as a reward.