Legionnaire Delaren Zelniak Meat Quest

Completed quest

Find Legionnaire Delaren on the ground floor of a large building at -886.12, 225.68, 59.75

You say, 'Hail, Legionnaire Delaren'

Legionnaire Delaren says 'Well met Runengetum. Are you the new recruit that was sent to me to help exterminate the [Zelniaks] that attack our guards and caravans? '

You say, 'what zelniaks?'

Legionnaire Delaren says 'Weren't you briefed on this already? The Zelianks are highly aggressive scaled creatures with a large mane of fur that runs down the length of their back. They are a constant problem for the guards and caravans that used travel in [Dawnshroud]. '

You say, 'where is dawnshroud?'

Legionnaire Delaren says 'Are you new here or something? Dawnshroud peaks are a range of mountains lush in vegetation and water. We used to utilize this area as a trade route to Shadowhaven. The caravans that would travel through were too often attacked by roaming Zelniaks. I thought you were the one that was sent to me to [help lower] the amount of Zelniaks in the area. So the trade route could be reestablished. '

You say, 'I will help lower the amount of zelniaks'

Legionnaire Delaren says 'How ambitious of you to help the mighty warriors of the Hand. If you chose to serve Seru bring me back four pieces of Zelniak meat. I will reward you for your time in the field. '

Go into The Dawnshroud Peaks and kill Zelniaks (any type) and collect the Zelniak Meat Zelniak Meat that they sometimes drop. Give 4 (unstacked) Zelniak Meat to Legionnaire Delaren for the following response:

Legionnaire Delaren says 'Although your service to Seru is appreciated., I just received word that you were not the one that was sent to do this menial task. That lazy boy [Peran] was supposed to take the job. '

Your faction standing with Citizens of Seru got better.
Your faction standing with Hand of Seru got better.
Your faction standing with Heart of Seru got better.
Your faction standing with Eye of Seru got better.
Your faction standing with Shoulders of Seru got better.
Your faction standing with Katta Castellum Citizens got worse.
You gain experience!!
You receive 7 copper from Legionnaire Delaren.
You receive 1 silver from Legionnaire Delaren.
You receive 12 gold from Legionnaire Delaren.

You also get given Peran's Orders Peran's Orders.

You say, 'who is Peran?'

Legionnaire Delaren says 'Centurion Peran is new to the ranks. He gets things done I suppose it just takes him a long, long time. Since you did his job for him, take him these new orders. We will make a soldier out of him yet. '

Now go into The Dawnshroud Peaks. Find Centurion Peran standing by a lake at 994.98, 1221.36, 94.91.

You say, 'Centurion Peran'

Centurion Peran says 'Hey there, come to take a swim? '

You say, 'no'

Give him Peran's Orders for the following response:

Centurion Peran says 'Bah, why do I always get stuck with the hard jobs. Here I am, out here patrolling the area in all this danger! They send me to even more threatening conditions? The life of a soldier is a hard one I tell ya! Oh well, off to do these orders I suppose. A shame no one will [help me] I am sure there is fame and fortune in the mission. More for me I suppose. '

You say, 'I will help you'

Centurion Peran says 'No, no. I would not want to ask a favor from you since you did my first job already. I doubt you could even do what this [mission] asks anyway. '

You say, 'what mission?'

Centurion Peran says 'Well, since you are so inquisitive I will tell you. The orders say to go to Maidens Eye and investigate reports of Vampyres in the area. Vampyres! Are they kidding?! I am just a Centurion! I know, I will continue to keep this area secure while you go investigate. Bring me sufficient proof of their existence in the area. Four piles of vampyre ashes should cover it. Well, get going! This mission isn't going to finish itself.

This leads to a further quest for which I am not yet high enough level.